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Driving tales - true story

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Driving tales - true story

Postby srman » Mon, 03 Aug 2009 1:16 pm

Driving merrily on highway after collecting 7yr old from school, wifey in tow. Exit at side road, notice car breathing on my tail, continues for a minute at approx 75km, so i gently brake tap to shake him off. He gets the message, overtakes me but then starts a dangerous game of stop braking (comes to a stop forcing me to brake then takes off)....shheesh....moronic and freaks me out. We pull up at lights and exchange pleasantries. Done.

Well not so. I notice I am being followed....creepy!!. Left, right, follow follow. I pull up before home, and then proceed to lose it. Right mate, I've had it so out u come. Well ahem, tailgater is content to sit there, listen to me blow a gasket and video my choice pleasantries. Bugger this, am off.

Month later, letter from traffic police. I go to Ubi (remember the license place). A charge of intimidation has been filed against me....shheesh...and the first question was did i use the finger (forget about the choice pleasantries).

Moral - no idea, just wanted to share this experience - dont lose your cool when you are being tailgated or followed could be a good place to start, and unlike back home u cant vent your spleen at each other and walk off.

ps: Case dismissed ie no case

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Postby Nath21 » Mon, 03 Aug 2009 1:59 pm

Happens everywhere ive seen it in all countries you should just drive to the police station or just stop and park until he goes away and look like your calling the police. The game is last to lose their cool.

Two instances:
It happened to my mates wife when she was driving home and she called her husband and he gave her instructions to drive into the drive way. the guy followed her in and got out of the car and threatened her. My mate who was waiting drove his car and blocked the guy in then property and two other friends who were with her husband came out armed to the teeth, the guy actually wet his pants. They held him to police arrived and charged him.

Another time a off duty cop did the same thing as you experienced and my old man who was driving just stopped the car, the guy got out and flashed his badge, my old man made me get out of the back seat and take his number plate and details and then asked him had he been drinking and the guy backed off big time because he obviously had been.

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Postby irvine » Tue, 04 Aug 2009 10:48 am

srman, yes ignore those fellas. Next time this stupid thing happens, drive to a police station. (That reminds me to get a list of police station address for my own good).

Here many of them just like to shove the law in our faces, even as much as bending it so much to benefit themselves. Glad your case was dismissed.

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