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How badly have you had your comp packages "trimmed"?

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How badly have you had your comp packages "trimmed"?

It's been a massacre! (>-75%)
No votes
It's been painful but I'm hanging in there
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I've taking a slight haircut but I still look fine and dandy (~-10%)
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It's been all roses and peaches for me, what trim?
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How badly have you had your comp packages "trimmed"

Postby Makan24-7 » Tue, 28 Jul 2009 12:17 pm

With the way companies are performing to the Street's expectations by meeting targets through cost cutting and not supported by revenue growth, a fair number of us have had to make sacrifices and in a couple of extreme cases, justified our existence by foregoing almost all of the benefits that come with an expat package. Do share with us what your experience has been. As for me, I've taken about a 25% hit over the past year.

I wish I could do a better poll by also breaking it down by industry and by level of seniority. That would be more meaningful but oh well...

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