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American Club - is it worth joining?

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Post by tanusa » Thu, 20 Aug 2009 8:22 am

I will do that!

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Post by bdp » Sat, 10 Oct 2009 3:37 pm

I visited the Am Club a few days ago and had every intention of joining so my family could spend time there. I was underwhelmed to say the least. The cost is WAY to high given the likely tenure most expats will live in Sing. I formerly belonged to several nice clubs in the States and the enterance fees are "markedly" less. The exercise facilities are OK, but well below what you would see at an LA Fitness type facility in the US. The restraunts seem "ok" but who the heck wants to eat at an Am Club restaurant when you have the best food in the world one block away on Orchard.
Lastly, I really don't think they want Americans in the club. North Americans represent 51% of the club (which includes Canadian Citizens), so I suspect the US is well below that. Ini addition they run "term membership" specials for 1-2 year terms (which most expats would want) but it "excludes" US/Canadina passport holders.
I'm going to look further at some of the other facilities/clubs.
new expat from US 10/09

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Post by road.not.taken » Sat, 10 Oct 2009 4:49 pm

bdp wrote:The restraunts seem "ok" but who the heck wants to eat at an Am Club restaurant when you have the best food in the world one block away on Orchard.
Well, the Club is not for everyone, but comparing it to clubs in the US is just not worthwhile ~ it's here, not there. As far as the food goes, have you eaten in all 5 of the outlets? It sounds like you are new and might still be under the delusion of the tourist board if you think the best food in the world is a block away. With the exception of Din Tai Fung, Orchard Rd in that vicinity has abysimal food. Poll this Board and anyone, their favorite restaurant is not a block from the American Club.

Like I said, the American Club is not for everyone, but they do many things, very well. They provide a lot of services to accommodate a broad range of clients (from many countries) which is what keeps us there (and the free parking). You might want to try the Dutch Club, although I hear they just raised their membership fees. it's a nice family Club as well.

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Post by cbavasi » Sat, 10 Oct 2009 11:01 pm

bdp wrote: Ini addition they run "term membership" specials for 1-2 year terms (which most expats would want) but it "excludes" US/Canadina passport holders.
This has only been re-established this year I think b/c so many families were leaving due to the economy. I wouldn't be surprised if this is not offered next year. We have good friends who have only been able to join this year b/c they are not American - but cannot have the full membership b/c it is only open to Americans - so a bit of a double-edged sword.

I love the club... the convenience, the stuff for the kids, the exercise classes, the food, the service, the library, the business center, the spa, the laundry, the fact they sell stamps and I can post letters, the inflatable slide on weekends, the bouncy castle that is up almost daily, the margaritas... the list goes on. It's not b/c it's American - if there was a club that could offer me all those things - I wouldn't care what nationality it was... personally I feel it was one of the best investments we've made when we decided to stay long term.

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Post by hbw65 » Thu, 15 Oct 2009 8:25 am

Like most said, it depends on where you live, what kind of blding as that can actually be the easiest way to meet people rather than the american club. also since one of your kids is older, i am sure you will meet families through them too.

we belonged to the american club in hong kong which is amazing compared to this one. we decided against joining the club here as it doesn't have nearly the amt of classes for our 2 year old and the facilities are not even comparable to hong kong's play areas (eagle's nest etc..., upkeep, pool and overall facilities).

we've been here for over 2 months and i actually don't feel like i am missing much from not joining. we have friends who are members so we'll tag along with them etc...i would say, move here, live here for 6-8 months, then reassess your family's needs.

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Post by scarbowl » Mon, 19 Oct 2009 5:17 pm

We joined the American Club as soon as we arrived in order to get the most out of the membership fee. The monthly cost including one child is just over $200. Not bad for what they offer.

The restaurants are quite good, actually, and the prices are also quite reasonable. Yes, you can go to Orchard nearby if you don't mind the crowds and (sometimes) quite high prices.

You'll find some on this forum who don't like Americans (and will badmouth such a club) or who can't afford it (and will badmouth it) while others sincerely find other opportunities to their liking.

I suggest you visit. And keep an eye out for the kids club activities during school breaks. They can be really valuable if you aren't leaving Singapore every "vacation" period.

Also, if you want an easy social life without having to introduce yourself at the park or museum you can get that from the AmClub. I'm not that outgoing so the club works out well for me.

Our son is now old enough to get there on his own and has his own card. I'd rather him be there than hanging out in a shopping mall. They have a computer room, a good library, fitness room, etc. He uses some of these though not all. Sometimes he'll go bowling with friends, even.

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