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Questions about buying 2nd hand cars

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Postby taxico » Mon, 21 Sep 2009 12:01 pm

i'm determined to find a low depreciating japanese "COE car" at the end of the year (mostly for peak hours and rainy days)...

would it be correct to say (engine condition/structural integrity not-withstanding), the best deals for "COE cars" can be found in vehicles with cheap COEs?

ie, purchase price = remaining value of COE + cost of vehicle + dealer fees.

i'm looking at vehicles that have had cheap COE renewals before the recent spike and poked around one.motoring to find historical COE prices - but which category of COE should i be eyeballing?

are COE renewals pegged to an open category only, their respective engine size only, or a mix of both? or something calculated a different way because those prices are for new cars only?

also, would it be correct to assume that with COE-prices being equal, a PARF-eligible vehicle will always take a bigger loss when compared to a "COE car" (running costs aside)?

i'm not even sure if i've got my facts right... so... input appreciated to help me see the big picture.

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Postby maneo » Tue, 22 Sep 2009 3:16 am

ksl wrote:There is actually a good second hand market operating in Singapore most being low mileage cars, though spotting the right offers and spotting a repaired accident car takes an experienced person to spot.

The Automobile Association of Singapore does pre-purchase inspections if the seller is willing.

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