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Extreme Makeover Part 2

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Extreme Makeover Part 2

Post by boii18 » Tue, 21 Jul 2009 9:39 am

Will update everyone once its done. Not my focus now, as I'm working hard to get into medical faculty.

The aim of the surgeries is to improve the aesthetics of various facial sub-units individually, improve harmony by conformity to the phi mask and improve bilateral symmetry.

Procedures to be done in 2009

1. Subnasal Lip Lift at Yoskarn Clinic with Dr Somyos
Lift of around 4 mm. This is to prevent excessive mentalis muscle strain, and this is the height required to conform to the phi mask. Previous Lip Lift has relaxed about 50-75% already.
Estimated cost : USD 1000
Date of Surgery : 12 September 2009

2. Restylane 2 CC injection to the Chin
This is to reduce mentalis muscle strain which resulted from the lip lift. Restylane SubQ lasts for only 8 months to 12 months, so it guarantees reversibility.
Since injection is done in the periosteum plane, the mentalis muscle will be advanced anterior-posteriorly and reduce mentalis tension.
If the cost is too high in Singapore, will perform in Bangkok.
Date of procedure : 1 CC July 2009, 1CC October 2009 done at NUH
Estimated Cost : SGD 1000-2000?, cheaper in BKK.

3. Botox
May be done, depending on Dr's assessment, but will push for it. Most likely will be getting 30 units or so each side, because already injected many units one month ago. The masseter is still not atrophied yet.
Date of procedure : July 2009 at NUH Dr Lee Shu Jin, OR if one entire full bottle has to be used in NUH, will do at a private practice.
Estimated cost : SGD 600 - 800 ( My Max Budget )

4. Epicanthoplasty(?) and Double Eyelid Operation
Eyelid height will be decided by doctor. I think I will undergo epi. Will be doing it in Taiwan with Dr Chuang or Dr Su, depending on further research. Will perform levator muscle surgery. Eyes currently look tired, puffy upper eyelid, intercanthal distance too far apart. Need something natural and young-looking. Eyes ARE the window to the soul. Slight ptosis as slight cover of iris though no pupil cover.
Date of Procedure : Mid December 2009
Estimated cost : SGD 2000-2500 (?)

Total Estd Cost : SGD 7000 incl air tickets.

5. Lip Reduction (??) - Unlikely.

Procedures to be done in 2010

a) Rhinoplasty (?) in TW, Autologous - I want an even higher bridge, as the bridge has dropped down. A super high nose bridge really makes you look outstanding and different.

b) Liposuction (?) in BKK with Nara - unlikely will do it though, but for the perfect body, once you have the perfect face?

c) Jaw Reduction Surgery - Contemplating[/list]

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Post by heloise » Tue, 21 Jul 2009 10:09 am

there's a dr nara in BKK too? :???:

btw , all the best to u...btw, if u dun mind me asking, if i dun remember reading somewhere that ur decision to have PS done initially is to 'fight' for ur GF :shock: , so now u win or lose after PS?

thanks!! :D

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Post by anteos » Sat, 25 Jul 2009 2:49 am

oh my.. I wish I can easily have numbers of plastic surgery too.. but too bad my controlling wife says NO. hiks.
there is someone thats richer, prettier, and famous than you. take it easy, you aint all that.

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