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Good condo complex for American family of 5? Near downtown

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Good condo complex for American family of 5? Near downtown

Post by financeguy » Wed, 08 Jul 2009 12:33 pm


My family is moving to Singapore on an expat assignment next month. We're taking our house hunting trip soon. We have 3 younger children and we're trying to find a nice condo complex near downtown/orchard that is close to shopping and food.

Ideally we're looking for...

Spacious high floor unit with 4 bedrooms +1
Must have a great pool for kids!
Gym and playground are also essential
Most importantly, we're looking for a place with other families so my wife will have people to hang out with while I'm slaving away all day. We will only have 1 child in school and they'll make the semi-long bus trip to SAS.

Initial budget is ~8-12K.



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It's best that you look at several options through an agent

Post by Light » Tue, 18 Aug 2009 4:58 pm

There are many family-oriented condos that fit your requirements. However, due to personal preferences being all different, it's the best for you to look at few options with the help of a good agent.
Based on your budget, there can be many choices, but some good condos on the paper and on the internet photos have problems with building constructions nearby that will bother you for a long time while the others may not have the right combination of facilities.
Use this site's search tool for rental properties to narrow down some choices to fit your requirements by using the number of rooms, location, rental prices, then you will get a smaller list of condos to start with.
You may want to start with the penthouse requirement and the space requirement of 2200 sq ft or above.

I just went through the same process for the 3rd time in Singapore and ended up at a penthouse unit of Maplewoods. FYI, my requirements were almost the same as yours.

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Post by cbavasi » Tue, 18 Aug 2009 6:05 pm

Check out Four Seasons Park - very central (Orchard Boulevard) - great facilities and tons of school age children going to SAS. A four bedroom starts at 10k.

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