She want to be a Thai cook!!!

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She want to be a Thai cook!!!

Post by cafecafe » Sun, 28 Jun 2009 10:13 pm

A friend. A Thai. She's got a degree in economics and been working for an airline for 6 years. Her passion has always been to be a Thai cook, get a job as a Thai cook and one day open her own restaurant. She's no longer with the airline she said "never again".

She went for a cooking course at a university in Bangkok and she's currently enrolled in some other short courses.

Her brother works as a financial advisor is Singapore. She will get free lodging and will stay with him. She's been to singapore on numerous occasions and loves it there. She plans to enter Singapore on a tourist visa and look for a job as a... that's right, you've guessed it: Thai cook.

She is willing to work for any kind of salary she says as long as she gets a work permit and gets to do what she loves which is cooking.

What are her chances of landing a job in Singapore working as a Thai cook?

Her written English isn't perfect so she asked me to post on her behalf of her in here.


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