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Postby bliss5 » Tue, 17 May 2011 9:12 pm

bliss5 wrote:
sundaymorningstaple wrote:I am curious as to why you were so adamant that he take up Singapore citizenship in the first place? It would seem that your insistence is what has caused your son's predicament, not NS.

was not adamant about citizenship. was trying to apply for pr. did not know of any other options then to enable my child to be granted a stay for longer than a month in Singapore then. when i approached certain people about this issue for the pr, was granted citizenship instead.
had no idea about all the pre-ns regulations then or in fact, until very recently.

i am confused about how to operate this post. after posting here a few times, i can send pms?

is each message here counted as a post?

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Postby Mad Scientist » Wed, 18 May 2011 4:59 am

@Bliss5 , Let me clarify point by point. I have dissected parts of your post to make short in my reply. These how it is done here. Your worries does not alleviate the facts of his obligation. Your decision(hubby and yourself) in his early childhood life has made his situation difficult. I cannot solve your worrisome part, financially nor emotionally. I will state the facts and the repercussions on your actions. At the end of the day , this is your call.

bliss5 wrote: I applied for deferment and was denied, and again after I appealed. I explained all the circumstances,

In your previous reply , you said you are not aware of his NS obligation but reading thru the above lines, you have applied for EP for him which I believe when he was 13 then. Hence you are aware of this ruling. Or you did not apply for EP when he turned 13 hence your application for deferement was rejected which is a no brainer really since you did not apply for EP at 13, you definitely will not get deferment when he turns 16
You said on your first post than it is hard to get citizenship for your child but this ruling was changed in 1990s where you can get citizenship from a parent of SG descent. So your post contradicts what you said and in the ICA website states clearly on his obligations. Am I missing something or have I lost the plot ?

Should I disrupt my son's school here, rent a room for him in Singapore and let him wait till it is time for him to 'serve the country'? so that will not be in violation of the terms of the exit permit?

If you wish to follow the guideline, yes , he has to discrupt his studies and return to serve. For the medical check up at 16 1/2 is no issue, closer to the date of NS duties, return to SG and do the check up. Inform CMPB when he will return closer to the NS duties dates. CMPB should be able to provide you dates of intakes and return SG closer to that dates.

but there have been no economic benefits that we enjoyed, only severe economic hardship because of the high cost of living,

He is holding SG NRIC and SG PP this IS ENJOYING SG ECONOMIC BENEFITS. Who will protect him when he is in trouble in US. Answer SG Gahmen as he is a citizen of SG

But he may need to go for work reasons in the future even if temporarily and i want to avoid any blot on his record.

Yeah , good on you , hence my earlier reply

Also, can the parent be held liable in any way if the child does not return or if a bond has not been posted? I will have to return for visa and other reasons even if very briefly. How can they force people to post a bond if they do not have the means to do so , or to retain Singapore citizenship?

Yes , parents are liable to the tune of $3K or jail. This is not forcing, You miss the point entirely. You have prepared and planned your son education since he was at tender age. If you have live here in SG in some part of your life , you should be aware of NS duties as it is always in the news. I will be flabbergasted if you said you do not know which means you have been living in the well all your life. Post the bond or have two sureties. One is the parent and the other a living relative in SG

Can such a NS "liability" affect one's prospects in other countries in any way?

No, it will not affect in other country . Only when he returns here , on social visit , conducting business or gaining employment that everything will be up to his eyeballs

A surety is not possible either according to the terms laid down and neither do I know of anyone who will be willing to guarantee.

I cannot help you on this as this is the guideline. Everyone who goes down this route toe the line

They cannot ruin people's lives like this ,can they? The only way out i can see now is high school disruption here and for him to repeat 11th grade onwards there and rent a room and stay by himself --

Oh, yes they can ruin your child's life. Trust me. Yes as per my earlier reply

So he can suffer isolation, loneliness, deprivation, depression (or i can stay with him in the same room and go through all this also??), preform not too well in school which has been the case all these years there, serve the country and come out a nutcase and disadvantaged socially and educationally?

I think the trauma will be on the MOM . Not on the child. He is a big boy. He will adjust , accommodate and will survive. Look, it will be a walk in the park. I have gone thru it. Much tougher in the 70s. If you want to avoid NS , you should have done it way back

And by which time, he might very likely not have a home in the US either with his father at age 21.

I cannot help you on this as this is family matter

Who can I talk to? How can I further appeal and make them see that they will totally and utterly further destroy a young person's life, not only his education but any semblance of a family life and a home that he is only now beginning to experience?

Your appeal will fall onto deaf ears. It is a lost cause. Go ahead and try if you do not believe me. I have seen NS defaulters seek PM's advise when he was overseas visiting other countries and yet still denied. Bright young talents, scientists, researchers but NS defaulters

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Mad Scientist
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Postby Mad Scientist » Wed, 18 May 2011 5:01 am

sundaymorningstaple wrote:
Mad Scientist wrote:SMS, from my POV having SG citizenship will look good when applying for visa for US. It is the same those from the Peens and Mainland, their next port of call is OZ or US after gaining SG citizenship/PR

Yeah, but the kids don't need visas for the US. They are US citizens by birth (just like mine). Only difference was mind are Singapore Citizens by birth as well as their mother gave birth here and not in the US like the poster did. She indicated she needed to jump through hoops to get 'em Sing Citizenship. I'm just wondering why she bothered?

Fair comment. maybe GREEDY is the answer
The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.Yahoo !!!

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