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Need Advice

Post by blindy » Sat, 20 Jun 2009 11:33 am

Since last 2 month,there was a small blister around my back .Didnt take much notice on it but after a few day, the blister grow bigger, cant bear the pain thus went to see a doc and was refer to hospital for minor surgery to 'burst' the blister.Regularly went to polyclinic to wash the wound. After 2 weeks, a tiny blister grow around the same area again.Dun wish too waste too much money, went to consult doc from polyclinic but only given CLOXACILLIN as i dun really trust that doc due to some reason.To ease my mind and advice from friend i make a trip to private clinic and the doctor once again 'burst' my blister and given me CLOXACILLIN antibiotic and asked me to completed the whole course.However yesterday, i discover any blister around the same place too!should i consult a doc again(i have already wasted $200 on this) or wait for few more days see if the blister is gone or take the CLOXCILLIN prescribe from the polyclinic as i have completed the whole course from the clinic.Suspect that i suffer from staphylococcus infection while Chinese call it ''nong''
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