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Post by Irony » Mon, 09 Feb 2009 2:18 pm

Also, a brand new March 1.4C auto is priced @ $45,000.
Which would be a better buy in this case? New or used car?

Thanks. Advice greatly appreciated.

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Post by durain » Mon, 09 Feb 2009 6:22 pm

which one can you afford? :roll:

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Re: Thanks Mobe 540

Post by ksl » Mon, 09 Feb 2009 7:07 pm

english wrote:Thanks - much appreciated

Thinking of buying a used VW or Renault - circa $65k
Still looking - thank for the tip ref the Car Mart - tried the 5 floors - great selection - full of Chinese 'Arfer Dalies' if you know what I mean?
There are many Arthur Dallies in the car business, but you can cut your risks by knowing a few things.

1. Make sure the car is a one owner car and avoid cars that have had several owners ( A sure sign of problems and bad condition)
2. Make sure that supporting evidence of full service checks are done.
3. Never buy without supporting manuals and service records unless, you get a very very good discount.....many do not get what is needed. which is proof of quality servicing by the manufacturing garage and not some back alley cowboy.

The documents will help hold your sales price in the top tier of sales, when moving it on.

The annual milage is important, a car doing over 10.000 miles a year is average in Europe, would be very high for Singapore probably meaning a salesrep car. If the car needs to be tested every year, ensure that main service is done, and most of the replaceable parts are renewed otherwise you just may break down. test brakes and steering by driving slowly, take your hands of the wheel and break quite fast but with control, it may swing left or right if brakes are defect.

Froth in the oil cap or dip stick a sure sign of water, suspect head gasket failure, check anything that should be refilled and if it isn't ask your self why, bad driver maybe! I mean bad at looking after their cars, not actually driving, many women drivers never check oil at all, and quite often will drive until it's dry.

Their sales may have 3 prices in his secret guide book, they normally buy in at trade and resale at top whack, the difference can be really very high indeed, unless you have insider knowledge.

If paying what is thought to be top price, then its worth having an AA inspection done on it, it's your cost but could save you quite a lot of money in the long run. Look at pedals, seats, carpets for hard wear.

A tip, take a magnet and run it across the pain work, if it's filled with polly filler, or news paper :lol: it will not stick, you can quite often see any changes in the body work if you get the light reflecting at the right angle.
Attempt to get a warranty with parts and labour.

If unsure get an experience person to go with you, to see what they think, if any doubts of a bad deal, no hand shake!

I can recall someone i gave advice too, ignoring my tips, and he ended up with an old version of a newspaper pages in the panels and sills, it was quite some art work, but i could see the paintwork didn't match, this was in Europe but believe me it goes on world wide.

And a bad engine can be made to run smooth for long enough to get rid of it, a round wooden stick on the cyclinders like a stethascope can give an experienced ear a lot of information of wear and tear. :roll:

The salesman is all he is, he doesn't get involved with service or repairs and knows very little if any of what goes on, before cars are purchased from auctions or from trade in, so their are rip off merchants on both sides of the fence one needs to be aware of.

Although a salesman with ethics well carry the burden and give a good warranty on parts and labour for 3 months, or will not if he cannot guarantee his suppliers good faith, or is asking a lower than usual price, for some other unknown reason.

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Post by stylezmind » Fri, 13 Feb 2009 4:49 pm

Irony wrote:Hi,

Can anyone advice if the below is worth buying?
Greatly appreciated!

Nissan March 1.4C Auto
Metallic Pink
31,000km mil
13 Oct 2006 reg
OMV $13,313
PARF at 10th year: ??
COE $13,102
Depreciation $3,454 per year
Asking price: Manage to bargain to 32k
March is known for the power steering problem; have the car fully check first to check on the condition if ur keen on getting this.


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Post by ariacolor » Tue, 31 Jan 2012 2:27 pm

hey, sorry off the topic but i have been to your pub in siglap! are you the owner? your place rocks! the last time i drove past i didnt' see it though. have you moved?

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babyplush wrote:what does that mean?
Off Peak Car, so can only drive it during certain times

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