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pulau ubin trip sunday 14 June 2009 - DOG FRIENDLY!

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pulau ubin trip sunday 14 June 2009 - DOG FRIENDLY!

Postby nushk » Fri, 12 Jun 2009 7:47 pm

hi all,

some suggestions and research have made me decide to head to pulau ubin this sunday with my (friendly) large-ish dog.

for those really new to singapore, pulau ubin is one of singapore's many islands, but inhabited, very rustic, laid back.

I've done some google-ing and found that dogs are allowed on ubin, but the junk boat that ferries people across from singapore to ubin might not allow your dog with other strangers (as the junk boat waits for 12 passengers to fill up the boat before making the trip over to ubin), so they might make you hire the entire boat at $24 for a trip to ubin. (I heard the ride is only 15 mins). I'm thinking, is there anybody who would like to explore ubin this sunday? if you love dogs, all the better. if you have a dog, and want to join, extra points!

we could all hop on boat together and do some cycling or walking about at ubin, together or not, I don't mind. I'm no expat, and I haven't been to ubin for years, but I'm quite a considerate singaporean (I always pick up my dog's poo, I give up my seats to pregnant women/elderly/disabled, I always allow passengers to alight first before entering trains), and ich spreche deutsch, ha ha.
my partner is an expat for those who can only connect with expats.. if that is important to you.. :o

please do join! if interested, just reply to this thread and I'll email whoever replies. not sure of the time yet, but I'm thinking of sunday afternoon to evening. (I'm planning to head to east coast park sunday morning with my dog)

p/s - kids are welcomed too! but only if your children don't see my dog, scream, run away, make barking/kissing noises, inch forward, and scream, run away, make barking/... etc.

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Postby LoriW » Fri, 12 Jun 2009 10:04 pm

I don't arrive in Singapore until the beginning of July but once I've settled in, I'll be up for any future trips.

Enjoy Ubin - it's a real escape from the metropolis!

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Postby Raisa » Wed, 17 Jun 2009 1:35 pm

What wonderful research! Too bad I missed it (if you went?) as I would have love to join you. Pls keep posting if you go any other time!

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