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Be wary of private plumbers!

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Be wary of private plumbers!

Post by khoulton » Fri, 12 Jun 2009 12:07 pm

I just had an awful experience with a private plumber I called from this website: xioajay2510 under fast, reliable and cheap.

I let this stinky, dirty man come into my bathroom to try to fix a leaking toilet. He started doing some home-made repairs with wires to a broken part but was unable to tell me the exact problem, whether it was spare parts related or other. Then all of a sudden, he said OK you have to pay me now the service charge of $80 dollars and I'll go get a replacement rubber from my vehicle to see if it'll work.

I tried to negotiate into paying him when he came back up and finished the job. He became quite unpleasant and demanding. When I pulled out my checkbook, he became more upset and said he didn't take cheques, just cash and how much cash I had on me.

Somehow I talked him into going downstairs and getting the rubber, but not before he used the toilet (in fixing) in my bathroom without even asking for permission me being right near in the room just going to get my checkbook! I was actually disgusted at this point.

I realized that this guy might be incapable of fixing my leaking toilet and wanted me to pay up front, so I quickly made the decision to not let him back up, took his bag downstairs through the back door and then yelled it out with him in the lobby (while getting the guard just in case).
It was pretty awful and I don't wish for anyone to have a similar experience!

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