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Postby ksl » Fri, 12 Jun 2009 11:27 pm

Bafana wrote:
ksl wrote:Sorry Bafana I thought you was someone else

Alamak - I often get this feeling about me as well. Is this good or bad. Dammit paranoid split personality coming to get me once more.

Where have all the femme nazi and politically correct bible bashers these days. Must be all busy moving out of Singapore or trying to keep there jobs...
Split personalities is a very interesting subject for me specifically because I do study minds as a normal pastime, if you have ever been hunted or close to a lengthy violent experience that would amount to death through hormone's is not anyone personal control, they are what they are humans, with feelings, back in the war times soldiers were just executed for their feelings.

Its not unusual to be hyped up with hormones to the extent of survival or fear and sure death. Control for gorilla activity is normally hashish to relax or a shot of whisky, in other words false courage, there are a few that can go beyond the realm of reality but that takes hard core experience. If one has never been that far out with fear, then one would never know how they are going to react in a situation, only training and experience may help, but does not eliminate the hormone confusion to change tactic.
The sad thing is people adapt to the way of life be it evil or not. So it's the same as asking how long is a piece of string, when people grow to adults they make choices based on their experiences in life and weigh up the odds of battle, or they need to use other tactics, I like the split personality borderline feeling, the adrenalin rush is a very heavy experience of hormones that put you on the line, that's why one can say I will kill or not kill, most react instinctively, because of a lack of experience or a lack of control.

The calculated killer knows what he is doing and must suffer the consequences, it's all about experience and control of the hormones that are released, voluntary through experience or involuntary through drugs
. My own life having been already predicted may end up in a violent death.

It suits me fine even though i am scared and have no wish for my life to be terminated this way, one relies on experience and logic to resolve a situation not always possible if the split personality has taken over. I swing quite often to what i have been trained to do, and what is expected of me in civilian life. I have been away from the force 30 years, but does it help, also depends on rehab, which i have never experienced and find it most difficult to accept most working environments that take the p-ss

I must admit I am saddened by what i see in Singapore, although I respect the world goes around too and evolution will change the roles of super powers and life. Sorry it goes on, friday night boredom I guess.
Oh shit i just seen the heading how YAWNING

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Postby Bafana » Sat, 13 Jun 2009 5:59 am

I find switching off makes it easier to do things that society as a whole deems as unacceptable or mortal sins. Do it, get it done and move on. If you think about it again remember the reason for it and not the action itself.

BTW didn't know we have an expat forum personality meter?
Be Like Water

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Postby bigfilsing » Sun, 14 Jun 2009 3:14 pm

ksl wrote:
bigfilsing wrote:Bloody hell...well excuse us for contributing and not meeting your "entertainment" values :o

No SMS not pub this time ( in fact thats only saturday mornings) just waiting for conference call again :cry:

Bloody hell...well excuse us for contributing and not meeting your "entertainment" values :o

Bigfilsing is rated in the top 10 entertainment personalities on here, with his abrupt down to earth approach, must be a Yorkie :P :wink:

Wow you're good at this 8-)

I can see i'll have to work harder if i am to maintain my top ten status. My Orcahrd towers TT status has long gone :D

You have to love a forum where "pre dishwasher stacking" gets real replies :???:

Here's one that i thought of posting in the doggie walk thread but decided against it. My mate's Mrs recently bought a shitzhu puppy , my mate's nicknamed it Chester . Because it's a shit-zoo ( in the uk)
Well it made me smile


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Postby Vaucluse » Mon, 15 Jun 2009 12:21 pm

sundaymorningstaple wrote:I was wondering how long it would be before V was resurrected again! :P

I was destined to return as the inmates seem to be taking over the asylum and the guards (you) are losing power.

Ahmadinadinnerjacket has prophesied a new order, S-expats forum will fall if not protected from these vermin.

(Hi bigfilsing Image)

'nuff said Image

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