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Post by ksl » Thu, 18 Jun 2009 12:50 am

Vaucluse wrote:
Strong Eagle wrote:
Vaucluse wrote:KL's a hothouse and the meteorology department (the joke that it is here) forecasts that it will stay this hot until September due to the El Nino effect . . .

Knowing the professionalism of the Malaysian specialists one can conclude that from July to September it will snow.
Whereabouts in KL are you? Not that the climate changes much from one end of the city to the other.

What I love about KL is the non air conditioned underground LRT stations, followed by supposedly class A office buildings that do not air con the elevator service areas... Menara Telcom comes to mind.
Live in Desa Parkcity and work in Kelana Jaya . . . home is not a problem, aside from the bathroom roof caving in due to improperly constructed roof tiles . . . and this in supposedly the 'best' place to live in KL.

Work - when it rains heavily or the building is being cleaned . . . waterfall through our windows.

Malaysia Boleh!
If I'm not wrong, I would say the construction industry today in both Countries satisfy very short term demand, by using the cheapest materials and workmanship, it is not build to last, but built to be vacated and modified, totally different concept to western ideals, so we are looking at very short term concepts, yet cheap enough for new owners to build from scratch in accordance with area pricing.

I maybe wrong but i have been a bricklayer and worked other areas of construction although long long time ago, i have always had an interest in preserving history as much as possible and it's not always the case in Asia.

Where i lived in Paya Layba I watched the destruction of a 3 million $ house, just to see a bigger one built, not a condo. In Asia most people are cash rich not so in the Western Countries and this is a big cultural difference that banks here are aware of, So if the whole family chip in a 3 million property is not out of expectations if everyone is well qualified. basically all property development agencies are out to satisfy the Asian market not the western, and that is the problem in my opinion.

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