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Free during the day?

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Free during the day?

Postby lukabella » Thu, 04 Jun 2009 1:05 pm

Hi, Everyone

I'll be in Singapore for the summer (originally from New York), and need friends to hang out with during the day, while my fiancé is at work. I'm 24, and about 2 years away from getting my Ph.D. in English. Hence, why I'm not "working," as Professors get summer breaks :) I'm actually using my time off this summer to prepare for my Orals exam, but where's the fun in all work and no play?

Anyways, I'd like to form a group of friends interested in exploring Singapore together (not in the touristy sense). I'm athletic, so I'd love to try a sport (like tennis or golf). Love walking/exploring, even in 90-degree weather. Love eating, too. A goal of mine this summer is to fine the most delicious food Singapore has to offer (esp. when I get sick of all the Asian food at the Hawker centers, which is quite often). Or we could laze at the beach, and maybe even go shopping (though I'm sick of even that right now). Oh, and I'd love to take a ballroom dancing class! Hope there are some people on here who are free to join me in any of these activities...


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Postby shearer120 » Thu, 04 Jun 2009 2:00 pm

I will like to make friends with u. pls email me at or sms me at 8333 6097. Thanks.

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hello..i am sue

Postby suehuang » Thu, 04 Jun 2009 4:36 pm

hi, i am sue in Singapore (from China) state is as well as you ..i am 23 years old fiance is work in Singapore , i came here for two months ..i am searching for a lady who is speaking English , because i 'd like to practice my English ability ..
If you are interested in Chinese language , food and traditional customs , we can chat it each other, i am good at cooking Chinese food ,if you like ,i can share you ..Hoho~
Also , i love swinming , shopping,listenning music and reading...

I hope we can become a good partner in Singapore...

my msn is :
Just enjoy life...

Texas Nikki
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Postby Texas Nikki » Fri, 12 Jun 2009 3:43 pm

Hi Christine, I just moved here from Houston, Texas and enjoy meeting new people. I am an English Tutor and only work part time, right now I'm on break since the kids are not in school. I live near East Coast Park and like to play sports and cook and shop- all the normal things. I am married and have no kids but have a dog who is like my baby. He's a rather big baby, 115 lbs!

you can email me at if you want to chat more.


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