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Tailor made business suit - where from?

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Tailor made business suit - where from?

Post by sing_resident_09 » Fri, 29 May 2009 11:46 am

Hi all,

I am looking to get a reasonably good quality business suit tailored in Singapore.

Do you have any recommendations of tailors that you have used in the past that you're very happy with. Would be grateful for any recommendations that you may have.

I am pretty new to Singapore and haven't used a tailor here for anything thus far - so really looking to be guided.

I have heard of the usual suspects to be good - CYC Raffles (but have heard that they are very expensive for what they offer). Some others have also suggested Eurobest, and another Joe Tailors close to Raffles MRT station.

Any answers for the following is gratefully received:
- Who have you got your suit tailored from?
- Any particular tailor or person to ask for in the big shops that you suggest
- What factors should be mentioned (e.g., Cashmere material, and xx thing to be done in the suit/ material?)

Many thanks

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Post by Strong Eagle » Fri, 29 May 2009 3:01 pm

I have used Jack's Custom Tailors in the Far East Plaza, second floor, on Scotts Road near Orchard. You can't really tell about a tailor because the guy who actually does the cutting and sewing is rarely in the store.

Jack's cost more than others I have used and I think their work is better. There are four things to consider in selecting a tailor.

a) Price - and you do get what you pay for. You can tell when a garment has been tossed together by a less experienced person even if you were measured correctly.

b) Tailoring quality - this is where Jack's is better than the others I have tried. Better fit. Better seaming. Knife sharp creases... in general the finished product just looks and hangs better than garments I have bought from other tailors. Also, there are other little things like linings in the pants, inserts in the inner part of the waistband to keep your pants up, cuff guards on pants, and many more bits and pieces that add up to a great garment as opposed to an OK garment.

c) Material - basically if you are talking about a suit or suit pants you will probably opt for a light weight wool as that will be coolest. Materials are described in terms of fabric type, thread thickness, weave, and thread count... besides color, of course. High thread count fabrics tend to be more expensive. For shirts, a silk cotton is great if you live out of a suitcase a lot because it hardly wrinkles but it is a hotter fabric than many others.

d) Tailor knowledge and the ability to share it with you. I've barely scratched the surface about material differences and your tailor should be able describe the pluses and minuses of materials for shirts and pants.

I've mentioned a few things about pants... there are also considerations for zippers, buttons, fasteners, belt loop and waistband sizes, cuff sizes, pocket shape, size, and placement, fit to your arse, distance between waist and crotch, and still more.

For shirts, you have things like pleats in the back or plain, long or short sleeve, collar size (not just neck size, the size of the 'wings' and height of the collar), size of the strip down the front (can't remember the name), single or double stitching, cuff links or buttons, cuff size, pocket shape and size, length of the tail, button size and color, and yes... still more... the better tailors will have an order form that shows 25 or so options for a custom shirt.

Suit coats... whoa! More stuff yet. Single or double vent, single or double breasted. Two or three button. Collar size. Label size. Pocket shapes and flaps. Length and drape. Shoulder padding. Piping. Interior lining and pockets. Button size and placement.

So, I like Jack's because I spent about two hours just reviewing tailoring options before I ever got around to talking about materials which took another hour. Then there is the initial fit, then the second fitting of the created garment and maybe a third fitting and correction to get it just right. The cheaper tailors will attempt to give you the bum's rush after hanging the first fitting on you.

Labor costs are generally relatively fixed for various things like shirts and pants and coats... it is the material that makes a big difference in cost. Your tailor should be able to precisely tell you how many yards will be needed for each garment. You will find that sometimes in making a larger order of shirts, pants, and coats you get quoted a total price. Get a break down for each item. And negotiate for a break if you are ordering more than one... hell, do it anyway.

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Post by xernstx » Sun, 07 Jun 2009 10:33 pm

Depending on the size of the wardrobe you need - you might be better off taking a long weekend to Ho Chi Minh City - there are some very good tailors there that are far more affordable.

They won't have the same quality fabrics/high-end services as the good tailors here - but you will pay 25% as much as here.

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Post by LoriW » Sun, 07 Jun 2009 11:48 pm

My partner had a lovely suit made up by Nelson Chan a couple of years ago - he had a little shop in Peninsula Plaza - not sure if he's still there, but he makes a lot of uniforms for officers in the Singapore armed forces.

The service was faultless and the suit fitted perfectly - my beloved being of a rather odd shape - short and wide - so he's definitely not an off the peg size!

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Don't go to Eurobest

Post by magjohn » Sun, 16 Oct 2011 3:00 pm


Have had extremely bad experience with Eurobest which started out with being sold polyester shirts having paid for cotton, and ended up with the guy telling me I lied about when I bought them.

Strongly recommend you look elsewhere.


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