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any idea what is the right medication

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Post by irvine » Wed, 27 May 2009 11:28 am

Hi av, how are you feeling today?

Don't worry too much about this phase, it will pass... but before it goes away, it is normal to go through these things you're experiencing. Some people can go through it faster, some takes longer. Although I must say, going through it faster doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing, for some the bad feelings come back when they thought they're over it.

From a psychological perspective, a person goes through stages of grief when a major loss happens; denial, anger, bargaining, depression happens before finally there is an acceptance of the whole situation. So do allow yourself time to reconcile with yourself.

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Post by av » Sat, 18 Jul 2009 3:35 am

thank you everyone...

have been doing some legal advice taking at AWARE. an appropriate soln to all this is simply not there, they say.

i will have to take each day as it comes n be prepared for the worst, but for that i cant spoil my kids today, i hv to be normal n keep them happy.

as far as depression goes i suppose nothing or nobody can really help me... it has to be me only.. i have to wake up...

btw, ram08, i was being cynical n sarcastic when i said the hubby has it all n i hv my kids - i meant that i pity the poor guy he actually has only the materialistic stuff whereas i am with the kids n their love.

i cant believe it but i dont think abt the husband all the time these days, i am able to block him out most of the time.

only the times he comes in front of me the hatred, hurt is all back. i know i have to reach a stage of indifference with him, only then will i not feel hatred. i shld not expect anything out of him on the emotional level, only then will i be ok. i hv to be very very practical n expect him to pay for the kids school fees, n their maintenance. that is all - nothing more from him at all.

i hv even managed to completely stop the tv serial watching n weeping like a i dont know...

i have taken a loan from friends back home n am back to school - changed my field n am upgrading my skills. it is an uphill task - taking care of the kids, etc. n studying but i am trying my level best - it is certainly a very good feeeling, to be out n doing something...

one thing i hv not done n need to do is start exercising n walking/jogging again...hv to do it....

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Post by morenangpinay » Sat, 18 Jul 2009 12:42 pm

i am sorry you suffered this problem. The best advice i can give you is to get back your self of worth. Its good you're back in school..if you aren't working then get a job.

Then sue the ex for all his money. lol

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Post by av » Thu, 23 Jul 2009 5:39 pm

i just thot i was starting to get on with life after all the depression and tension, and now the "disgusting half" has threatened and given an ultimatum.

He says he wants to shift back in with me and my kids or else I must leave spore and go to my own country. He cannot afford maintenance for us.

this guy is driving me nuts. i think i am better off without him any day....

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