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Solemnisation / Visa query

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Solemnisation / Visa query

Postby Champagneblade » Thu, 21 May 2009 8:06 pm

Hi all,

Was hoping for a little advice on the above.

My fiancee is Filipina and we are performing our solemnisation early June. She is currently working in Philippines and not Singapore and I have been working over a year here on a P1 Work permit.

I have an appointment for PR application end of July and would like for us both to be on this as we want to settle down here.

Just would appreciate some advice on Visas and who to contact if you are not sure. Essentially if she comes in early June, she will get 30 days. We can then apply for extention, but I would not want for her extention to be rejected and then for her to have to come into the country the following month. She could therefore come here for a few weeks, return before the 30 days and then come here not far from our PR appointment.

I'm just not sure as to how her rights would change post-solemnisation ie us being a legal couple. Would she have the same rights as me and be able to stay as long? Would she have to apply for a certain type of visa to prolong the stay? We would obviously like for us both to work to enjoy life to the fullest here so would not want her to be unable to work ad infinitum. Just not sure who to go to in order to get the right advice.

Would like for us to do our PR together as it is preferable to her being on a long visa and perhaps not enjoying the same rights.

Would appreciate if anyone on here could advise me.

Many thanks

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