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dog 'help' exchange

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dog 'help' exchange

Postby reisende » Thu, 21 May 2009 5:33 pm

hi all,

I have a gentle, 5-year old medium/large dog. as I am only working part-time now, I can afford to be at home most of the time, only leaving her alone at home for at most 5 hours. so taking her down to potty, playing with her, going for walks etc, are not a problem - for now.

I start work (full-time) in july. I don't know how bad my schedule will be, but I know that there will be days when I will not be able to return home to my dog and I would have to leave her alone at home for more than 5 hours (probably 8 hours away from home). I do not have a garden; I live in an apartment. my partner works full time, even longer hours than me.

I am considering dog walkers (who come by once a day to take your dog out for a walk and potty), but they are exorbitantly expensive (S$25 per day!). I am thinking, if there is anybody in my neighbourhood, who would like to help me out and in turn, I can help you out with your dog. for the month of june (in fact, from now till I start work in mid july), I can help take your dog(s) out anytime from 10am - 6pm, for potty or for a walk. in fact, I love jogging, but my dog is old and has hip dysplasia so she cannot run, so I run alone, but, if you live nearby, I can jog with your dog every other day.

what I'm proposing is to help each other out. I'm quite sure that come july, I will NOT be having 8 - 10 hour work days EVERYDAY. there will be short working hours, so I will be able to come home to my dog. but I'm really unsure about this. meanwhile I can help you out. is there anybody who lives close to me? I live in Novena.. more specifically, very near Jalan Novena. so if you live close by and have a dog who needs more running or walking or playtime or just more people to meet, etc, I'll be glad to help. we can perhaps work something out in return. do note that (as a teacher) I have long holidays, so in december and again in june I will be free again, so I can always help your dog out quite often. and did I say I love dogs? especially big dogs. your dog will definitely love me :)

PM me. thanks!

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Postby carolynW » Fri, 22 May 2009 5:50 pm

or you could pay one of your neighbours or friend's helper to walk for a pre agreed sum of money? or a responsible teenager in the neighbourhood? I find the teenagers in my neighbourhood are more than happy to take the dog for a walk for free.

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