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Post by ksl » Thu, 28 May 2009 12:42 am

Argus. wrote:
ksl wrote:I would believe you to be mistaken, and the facts should be available, by doing some online research for lets say the top 100 websites in Singapore or the top 1000 websites, I've no tried myself specifically on services, however I have viewed the top websites of singapore, the information is out there and quite easy to verify, if you understand how websites are visited and hits registered. None of the data is perfect, but there is enough data and cross checks to make an assumption of the effects of online visits.
Interesting :-k However, is it not about the quality of visits than the quantity?

For example, if I had a niche business service and a potential customer found my website on a search engine and made contact, then that would mean my website was working for me.

I suppose the good statistics would be any about the search habits of business people and consumers in Singapore. That is, do they use search engines to find professional services.

Yes quality is everything and nothing, because it is virtual online, you need to meet them and in Singapore they want to meet you, touch the product, see the quality and try to bargain, it's inherent in such a small place like Singapore, where you can travel the island within 30 minutes in either direction almost!

A secret I learned over 39 yrs ago, is that you can get anything you want in Singapore, what does that tell you? It tells me if their is a demand, it will be met eventually, but staying in the game is something else.

The problem lies in the amount of competitors in your industry, remembering that here in Singapore the price variation for the same, can be so it's target audience that matters and location, a good product and excellent after service for a reasonable price.

In your case of advertising your website on the internet stimulates hits, but no sales you may still benefit from word of mouth, getting click through, doesn't mean anything, because you have to realise the sale, not the visits to your website, so no it does not mean that your website is working for you, you need them to purchase. Although if you are in the top ten of search engines, the likelihood of a visit is good

A niche product and service has a better chance on the internet only if it is in capable hands, that is to say, you understand internet marketing and why you do not call your website

Before even choosing a web domain, you need to search out the most popular of search words for your product and/or service, to ensure People will search for what they need, rather than the name you chose for your website, unless it was directly linked, like my own.

Most web designers do not optimise websites when you buy them, so ones websites are mostly very difficult to find, unless the owner knows a little about internet marketing. Many do not! So the easiest way to get your website noticed in Singapore, is to write nothing more than the in the paper, that has around 250,000 circulation and the price of the add most be what? Cheap

The one thing that intrigues people is not knowing what they are missing, and they will never know unless they click on the link, or input the web address.

When you really want to be found, you need to make an effort to attract, because the internet is much like a telephone book, when you look up, you get a choice of many, but normally within the top twenty or thirty, it's still very much like a game of lotto, but you do have the opportunity to shine, so do it in an ethical manner, to attract.

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