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Do Singaporeans really have the highest IQ in the world?

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Post by kosmopolitan » Thu, 14 May 2009 6:26 pm

vbelle wrote:What makes you think that a high tech society equals to better manner??
Small city tends to be "warmer" than big city (big as in not just in know what i mean)...
Well In general (apart from intra-national inter-state comparison), apart from uniquely Singapore, A developed country (japan, sweden etc etc) usually have better social behaviours than a developing country.

This is not true for intra-national comparisons where u correctly stated that people in Adelaide are prob even more friendlier than people in Sidney.
vbelle wrote:Why do you make a post in a forum, where people are from all around the world..and telling them basically "Hey..guess what...MY PEOPLE is smarter than the rest of the world"

And you ask why you got such unpleasant response??
I know it is a huge read, but If you had read every posts I have posted here carefully so far (esp the initial few lengthy ones), you will understand my intentions and WHO I am directing this thread to.

I do not find it surprising (in fact I expected it {like I mentioned}from the very beginning) to have unpleasant responses becos basically I was trolling away but for a said purpose. Therefore, of cos I expected eggs thrown at me.

In the process of targeting a certain group, I will inevitably hurt some others along the way of whom I have carefully apologized at the beginning when I spelled out my real agenda. I do not believe u belong to my targeted group, and I apologise to you (and others like you) again if u have taken offence.

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Post by kosmopolitan » Thu, 14 May 2009 8:11 pm

taxico wrote:this thread has gone from singaporean's IQ being a reason for why foreigners should be less condescending, to expat behaviors, to singaporean behavior, leading inevitably to kiasu'ism, then to flushing, littering, and now we have dog poo and black socks/feet, the tiresome chore that is escalator standing, as well as muslims and dogs.

this will be my last post for this thread as it's going no where - there's no "right/wrong."
I agree that this thread has more or less come to the tiresome end of its fruition, and in fact irrelevantly beyond too. I guess it's time for my exit too.

With regard to the irrelevant discussion on Kiasuism, I wanna thank all for sharing and exchanging ideas, including some of whom I had not responded to.


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Post by Quasimodo » Thu, 14 May 2009 10:05 pm

kosmo wrote:
basically I was trolling
Geee . . . . really?

One in the hand is worth two of something

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Post by ksl » Mon, 18 May 2009 12:02 am

Well you will have to beat my score of 164 on the IQ test, don't ask me how i did it, it was my second attempt, the first attempt was 125, but i rushed it, with no longer than 30 seconds per question. :)

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