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Place to hang out for drinks ??

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Place to hang out for drinks ??

Post by SittingBull » Thu, 07 May 2009 12:50 am

Hi all,

Thing is, a friend of mine would be having a bachelor night, and all 6 of us guys, would like to have some decent fun night of dirnking and chit chatting. We would like a place where we can sit down comfortably (ie not stools and high tables that is found in pubs), have some not too loud music, grab a couple bottles of hard liquors, shots and mixers, and get ouselves pissed drunk. We would prefer not to spend excessively, ie not the 250sgd per bottle in most clubs. We once had a session at the old Thumpers albeit pricey, where there were sofas and a dancefloor, and we have a great time. Any place similar to such layouts? How about Double O? I believe there is a chillout lounge, outside the main room where the teenagers hangout. Think its called O bar. Btw, we are all mid to late 20s.

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Post by acidredz » Mon, 11 May 2009 4:00 pm

hi.. you can try overeasy at one fullerton..

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Re: Place to hang out for drinks ??

Post by taxico » Tue, 12 May 2009 9:17 am

SittingBull wrote:a friend of mine would be having a bachelor night...

(get married i mean. heh!)

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Post by nightstar29 » Mon, 18 May 2009 4:40 pm

Clarke Quay has a variety of clubs to choose from and I hope the below URL helps...

PS: Try C-Clinic ( I can't remember how to spell the name, sorry :oops: )
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