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Cheek Implants/Malar Implants

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Cheek Implants/Malar Implants

Post by jewelbox7 » Wed, 15 Apr 2009 6:55 pm


I am looking to get cheek implants for the upper cheekbone area...want the chiselled look. I thought of getting dermal fillers first, but after consultation was told that its about $3k and lasts 15months. So I think I may as well get implants for the long run.

Need some advice/direction...I did my rhino at Dr Nara. Has anyone done cheek implants with him? Was it satisfactory? I am considering him or Tokai clinic...but want to be sure that Dr Nara knows what I mean about the high cheekbone look. I dont wanna end up with a wider face instead. I am a girl btw.

Another thing I'm concerned about is..and this may sound having too much silicone in me. Or is a nose implant and cheek implant totally not much silicone?

Would appreciate any help..advice..pointers...
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Cheek Implants/Malar Implants

Post by vegabond » Mon, 31 Aug 2009 1:24 am

Actually i felt the cheek is the most important feature or the frame of the face. So it is the cheeks that either make you beautiful or don't. So cheek implant surgery i the most important surgery as it changes the whole appearance.

I'm going to do cheek implant soon. Still checking for the right doctor.

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