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Have you been notified by eBay that you have been hacked?

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Have you been notified by eBay that you have been hacked?

Postby sundaymorningstaple » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 1:37 pm

Has anybody received an email from eBay over the Easter weekend notifying them that their account had been hacked and the password changed? If so, please read the following...............

Are you sure the email is legitimate???

I hope you haven't replied to it, have you???

Have you logged in to your ebay account? Please, for goodness sake, do not EVER log into ebay by clicking on a link in an email, the email is likely to be spam/phishing.

The con-people send spam emails to people which look TOTALLY legitimate. You click on a link in the email which takes you to a site they've created that looks EXACTLY like ebay, but isn't... Then you try to use your current password... Which GIVES IT TO THEM.

Then, while you're fooling about on their site, breaking your neck trying to get it to work, they're in the REAL ebay using your password (that you just gave them) to do naughty things with your account.

What to do now, I hear you ask...

Firstly, forward that email, with full headers, to you will get an automated response, but they will investigate it.

Then open a new browser, and physically type into the browser address line. DO NOT use any links or quick-fills, actually type the whole thing in. Then try to log in using your password. The old one, The one you believe has been changed.

If you can log in using that password you need to check your account quickly. If it's been abused you need to use the contact-us thing on the ebay site, and advise them it's urgent, etc. IF it hasn't been abused, but you did click on that email (mentioned previously) then you need to change your password quickly, AND STILL advise ebay. Let them know you can't *see* anything wrong, but you aren't sure, and you have changed your password now.

Don't panic, everything that might have been done by the con-ppl can be undone by eBay if caught quickly.

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