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Advice required on finding a flatshare.

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Advice required on finding a flatshare.

Post by Chris_26 » Mon, 13 Apr 2009 4:01 am


This is my first post so be gentle! I will be moving to Singapore from England at the end of May just after my 26th Birthday. I spent about 10 weeks working in Singas at the end of last year so got a good feel for the place.

The company I work for have just opened an office in Cecil court - I'm not too sure where that is though.

My only real reservation about going is becoming lonely.. I had planned to rent my own apartment but then had the idea of a flatshare - cheaper and will hopefully mean I will be able to move in with some like minded people and make friends.

I have registered on a couple of flatshare websites but these often don't contain a great deal of useful information, or it does not mean a great deal to me - I am not very familiar with the areas for instance. So;

Is it realistic to expect to find a flatshare with expats around my age?
Are the prices I'm seeing on the net slightly inflated, i.e would I find better deals on the ground in Singapore?
Where should I look? - Bearing in mind the office is in Cecil Court, but I want to be located somewhere nice and good for meeting people.

Any advice will be much appreciated.



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Post by Addadude » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 2:12 pm

If you click on the classifieds here, you might well find what your are looking for... ... hp/cat/120

For more choices you can check out the daily newspaper (for reasons I'm not sure about, you are not allowed to mention it by name on this forum) particularly every Saturday morning.

IS Magazine, which is free, also sometimes contains flatshare listings.

I have seen quite a few ads featuring expats looking for flatmates so it shouldn't be a problem. Wait until you get here to start looking. (Presumably, your company will put you up in a hotel for a week or two first.)

Cecil Court is off Cecil Street which is right slap bang in the middle of Singapore's Central Business District. Nearest MRT would either be Raffles Place or Tanjong Pagar and there are plenty of buses that pass near there. While there are now quite a few condos around there, they tend to be very expensive - even for sharing. Singapore is a pretty small place so you certainly don't need to live next to where you work. You'll have far more choices and value if you are prepared to accept a 20-minute commute rather than a 5-minute commute!
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