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Hello from Bangalore

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Hello from Bangalore

Post by hg » Fri, 10 Apr 2009 7:25 pm

This website has been my life line for the past 2 months ever since talks started within my company for a possible 2 year expat contract to Singapore. Now I am 1 week away from the orientation trip and in all these days I have sucked this site dry !!! Me and my wife are perpetually grateful to the wonderful people behind this website - specially the condo listings are the best on the internet.

I just joined, largely to say thanks. Of course, I had my usual questions on schools, areas to live (My office is in Aiyer Rajah Crescent and kids will most likely go to OFS), cost of living etc. but most of those are getting answered just by looking old posts.

What is bewildering is the sheer overload of data and enormous choice of condos. This country is unbelievable !!

As of now the biggest confusion we have is on school - whether to stay Indian (my choice) versus to go International (IB). Later is my wife's choice and she should win....again !!!

Next is non-inclusion of Car in the expat contract. We are too bloody spoiled by our two cars here in India over past 7 years and so the thought of no car in the household is a bit unnerving - great public transport of SG notwithstanding!!

As of now all I am doing in office all day is to dig up more and more data and I am now into "data fatigue".

Thanks for reading, more will follow as we go through the myriad journey into our 1st expat posting.

PS: We should start in SG from 1st June, hopefully all should go well in the orientation trip.

PPS: Anyone knows the cost of a 40' container shipping from Bangalore to SG? I posted a query on but no response !!

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Re: Hello from Bangalore

Post by Vaucluse » Sat, 11 Apr 2009 1:26 pm

hg wrote: Later is my wife's choice and she should win....again !!!

Next is non-inclusion of Car in the expat contract.
:lol: Who ever said that men are the stronger sex?

As for container costs, you would be better advised to ask at the point of origin, i.e. Indian freight forwarders

'nuff said Image

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