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How to use GPS and Google Earth to audit FengShui ?

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Postby Vaucluse » Thu, 09 Apr 2009 11:54 am

Sorry, I think it's quite puerile.

Had a neighbour, Chinese, come over the other day. He asked if my fish-tank was for feng-shue . . .

I replied that it was for the fish.


'nuff said Image

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Postby sierra2469alpha » Thu, 09 Apr 2009 5:59 pm

Vaucluse - harsh! I thought you hid all those diamonds in the fish tank???!!! Isn't that why they are always bloated and sinking to the bottom??!!!

I'm not sure what the OP was asking as it seemed to be a subject only entry, but from my very limited understanding of Feng Shue, I'm don't understand how a western view of earth alignment could possibly help. We just had a Feng Shue Master in to a new office and while I don't understand it, it was certainly intersting and I picked up nothing that western Google things could help with :???: Quite possibly I'm wrong.

Mr. P

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Postby ksl » Thu, 09 Apr 2009 11:14 pm

Feng Shui is all about magnetic lines, body meridians and compass points, I have actually just moved my bed, so my head is facing east, to get a better nights sleep, I think astrology can also be used with feng shui.

In fact it is such a traditional thing for almost all Chinese business and family, in startups and if luck is running out, it will be down to the master to come and take a shufty, it doesn't come cheap.

My father in law who was critical and riddled with cancer had been in the intensive unit for 3 months, is now up and walking at home, one extra large black marble ball, at a cost of 800£ and a few other adjustments in the home, like the clearing of plants, seemed to have made a wish come true for the family members and considering he's 84, I didn't expect him to come out again, and neither did the doctors.

I keep an open mind, and find everything quite interesting, like i was shown how to pick up 2 metal coat hangers, to use for divining many years ago it works.

I used them also in the construction industry to find underground cables, not everyone can do it, but you can try at home in the house, bend them into two rods with a small handle L shape, and hold lightly, don't grasp them, then walk around the condo with them, they will swing, when crossing a power cable. works every time.

Feng shui is very important, try to understand what it is like living next to power lines, the disturbance of electrical waves you do not see, but you can occasionally feel chi...which may effect your own biorhythms and cause illness. I have seen a master from shaolin, remove the chi from a half inch thick steel construction bar, to bend it before my eyes, like putty, I'm still scratching my head at that one and how the young kid stood up on one finger, I have a photo have that one, if i dig it out I'll scan it.

I sleep better with my head facing east. don't ask me why, :???: but everything is generating waves and energy, many that do tai chi or chi gong, will also charge up with energy from a tree, by holding the palms close to the bark. takes years of practise, so feng shui is a combination of things, to minimise disturbance of chi (energy).

Too many plants in the home, will also tend to suffocate the home from the rays of the light, inadvertently causing ill health, a free flowing system is the best for circulation so keep windows open, air cons are not healthy, so daily open windows, at least once a day, to clear out. All useful stuff like that, being one with the environment if possible, and flowing with it, rather than against it, being a pilot you can imagine the turbulance in the sky, and under water if you are a diver, so walking at ground level, the flow and magnetic fields are all around us.

We even radiate our own aura, of wellness.

To find it immature and juvenile is not uncommon, it is in fact based on science, astronomy and facts, although like many professionals, you get some just doing it for the ride, although many sciences are still under dispute too, but my belief is based on logic, that an electrical disturbance could possible cause an effect on my body, depending how close i was too those waves

You will find that out if you stand on a rubbish tip everyday, and inhale the toxic waste, not all shit smells, either, so that should also tell you something about your internal parts if you smell bad, you are bad.

It's caused by the dead flora of the intestines and a certain amino acid, that cramps you up, and gives you the bad farts, but first of all, you will smell quite wrotten before the pain sets in, were there is a cause, there will be an effect, some people see it coming, and say I told you so. keep an open mind is the best bet! :)

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