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Post by ksl » Sat, 11 Apr 2009 12:54 pm

splat wrote:
heatherandrichard wrote: Where would you recommend searching for housing then? And are these online prices what you would expect when searching for a place in singapore?
With the online prices you can offer 20% less than asking and find a place. We did. Some will say no, it depends how over priced the asking price is, but most of my friends who are renewing right now got at least 20% off asking prices.
When negotiating anything at all, first try to understand the product and those like it, in the market place. Economic bad times is also in your favour, but think of it this way, in good bullish times property price can easy be more than doubled, so I wouldn't be going in asking for 20%, I want 40% and a longer contract more than 1 year maybe.

Start high in negotiations and give reasons why you want 40%. you may well not get 40%, and end up at 30 or 20, but at least you can decide if you should drop the negotiating by the tone of discussion and look else where. While prices are dropping and a flood of empty apartments, it's the tennants ball park, although things like popularity of the condo are important, so research is required.

One thing is for sure, many tenants don't like to discuss price and will be happy with a 10% drop and just pay, they will still be paying a premium price in a downward aim for the sky and see where you land.

Another tip especially on antiques for the apartment, they hold a better price, than Ikea furniture, but again, bargain strongly and cheaky with at least 80% may find you will get it at 50% very easy, but i know, that even selling at 90% off they will have made big profit on the first half of the container of goods...that's why one sees furniture that has been in the same shop for a number of years, because it wasn't a popular piece for that kind of asking price, so they drop the price slowly in sales....Never deal with the salesman, you want the owner, salesmen don't have the authority to sell at cost price. But believe me if the piece has stood aound the shop for a length of time he will sell at cost or below cost, to get rid of it. If he is wise that is... There is normally a very very high mark up on antiques if the demand is strong, but in a downturn they will drop 30 to 50 % you can comfortably ask for 80% and expect it, if you don't weaken with the sob story.

When antiques are on sale, it's only because of bad economy and the items have been in the shop far too long. There are those, that don't understand business too, and for all it's worth, they will not give any discount...these are the stubborn old people with little or know understanding of dealing, or just don't wish to sell anyway.

Although i have been through many of the shops in Singapore, I noticed a very high percentage of deliberate copies from mainland China, some are very well made and in terms of man hours, should be accordingly priced to skilled craftsmanship work at mainland prices to give you an idea of what to pay.

Always make sure furniture is treated in Singapore for termites and worms.

Orchard is not a good idea for furniture shopping unless money grows on trees :wink:

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