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Vaser Liposuction!!

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Postby nickdigital » Mon, 11 Aug 2014 2:18 pm

I gone through vaser liposuctionand lost 12 kg weight.It is fast and painless procedure

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Postby kayko24 » Wed, 12 Nov 2014 8:53 am

blessedrekyo wrote:
huinee wrote:Welcome back Rekyo! A little belated, but how are things looking? You came back rather soon, I thought you went to BKK somewhere on 19 Nov? I'm still anxious to know about the results.. Do you think those who have undergone lipo are allowed to be pregnant a few months afterwards?

Happy new year to everyone!

Hi Huinee
Happy New Year to you too... :D
Yes, my church mates, who dunno abt my Liposuction, saw me recently said i've slim down alot. ;)
I'm happy that I can see my thighs getting smaller now, but still have to wear the compression garment cos my skin is quite saggy on my inner thighs, whereas my arms, buttock and tummy are ok. :)
Tummy though not fully flat but look smaller than before i went for the lipo.
I will need a tummy tuck if I want a flat tummy... which I dun think I dare to go for it. :?

As for getting pregnant after u've done lipo is not so advisable leh.
I think it is quite waste of money to do lipo then get pregnant again, as u know most ppl will put on weight after giving birth.
Though there are some ppl still remain slim slim...

And if i'm not wrong, my surgeon did ask me whether do I still have the intention to get pregnant when I 1st went to see him for consultation in Sept 2010.
Another thing is, the tumescent fluid that being injected to the fats in our body also dunno will do harm to our baby or not. So it will be better to check with ur surgeon again, or/and ask a few others surgeon before u decide to do so. :)

Hi reyko,

Saw your post here and I am considering Dr PICHET as well. Just want to know how have u been after all these years? Do you have any lumps after the liposuction.??? Have your figure stayed the same?

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Re: Vaser Liposuction!!

Postby archcherub » Thu, 29 Jun 2017 5:59 pm

kierasee wrote:I will be going for vaser liposuction in the next few weeks and I am losing sleep over this. I am so worried about the LA with IV sedation. As the doctor who is performing the procedure is not a specialist, I am worried about how competent he is.

And I have been told that the procedure will take about three hours. Man!! it sounds scary to be under IV Sedation for that duration.

I am doing vaser for the flanks (lovehandles) and the upper and lower abdomen. And my doc suggest that at most, only 1.5 litres of fats would be removed.

Frens who have undergone this procedure, please advise.

Vaser lipo? Is it this vaser hi definition liposuction

are all lipo vaser or vaser 4D hi def is a brand? man, i keep hearing my friend recommending korea over singapore, but I think the long flight is not worth it. better do in singapore man

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