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Urgently looking for a gynae who can treat PCOS

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Re: Urgently looking for a gynae who can treat PCOS

Post by Rscj » Sun, 07 May 2017 12:46 am

I'm coming in late to the game but I first came across this website and post when I was diagnosed with pcos a few weeks ago. I had a harrowing experience w Dr Ho HK of Ho HK Women and Fertility clinic at Mt A.

I went to him as i had been spotting on and off for a few mths. First, the nurse asked me out in the public area if i had ever had a miscarriage or abortion, then got details of my spotting right within earshot of everyone present in the waiting area.

I then met Dr Ho, who took down all the details of my spotting which the nurse had just taken down a few minutes ago. I told him she had just done so but i went along with it and repeated all the details dutifully. He then did a pap smear and also did a scan of my ovaries.He then told me that I had pcos because of the 'bubbles' in my ovaries. He also said that i had thick uterine lining and was predisposed to diabetes and cancer. He also noted a cyst in my right ovary and said that pcos meant that I wasn't ovulating. I had never heard of pcos and was shocked. I told him that my period was regular and i could even track my fertile discharge but he said that "discharge doesnt mean anything". He then advised that i go for a D&C procedure just to ascertain no malignancy.

I went home terribly upset and spent the next week in a state of panic and despair. One thing that puzzled me was how Dr Ho had not made me take a blood test and how he cld determine so quickly that i had pcos especially when I didn't display any physical manifestations of pcos.

A few days before the procedure, i went back for a pre-procedure briefing. He told me that a few days after my procedure, he was going to be overseas for 2 months, which was different from what the receptionist had initially told me--that he wld be away for 2 weeks. I was concerned as I wanted to begin my fertility treatments asap and his being away meant further delay. When I tried to clarify what sort of treatments would be available, he dismissed my qn with a 'let's just do the d&c first. After that it will be pills.but we will talk abt that after the d&c.'

In an unfortunate (I suppose fortunate on hindsight) twist of fate, I had to postpone the procedure. When I asked abt the postponement, I learnt that Dr Ho wld be away for 2 Mths at the min and the receptionist wasn't sure when exactly he wld be back. I asked for a copy of all my reports and she was very unhelpful, saying that the doc himself was going for a surgery and so he wldnt be able to help me. I insisted and she begrudgingly said that I could collect the scans of my ovaries.

On the day of the collection, another receptionist there cldnt find my reports and told me that it was likely to be locked up in Dr Ho's office. She did not have the key and told me that there was nothing she cld do. She just stared blankly at me and offered no solutions. Half an hour later, after I'd left the clinic feeling harassed and upset, she called me up saying that she had finally recalled where it was.

Armed w my scans, I met the new gynae. She was the complete opposite of dr Ho; reassuring and patient. She told me that I had polyps and when I expressed confusion as dr Ho had diagnosed me w pcos, she said that it was highly unlikely as I did not display the typical physical traits. Furthermore the cyst that he had said I had was actually not a cyst at all. She called for blood work to be done and said that I was likely to be ovulating as my periods were reg and she cld see the enlargement, suggesting ovulation in abt a week. I was also unlikely to be predisposed to cancer as my periods were regular. All these tallied w my research on pcos. The blood test confirmed her words and I do not have pcos.

I'm writing this because I cannot fathom how a doctor with so many years of experience can tell a patient unequivocally what condition she has, without ensuring that all tests have first been done. Note that it wasn't a 'perhaps you have pcos' but a definite 'you have pcos'. How irresponsible! The cyst wasn't even a cyst and the so called string of pearls were polyps. The thickened lining was due to polyps underneath. How ludicrous! He really caused me much undue grief and the cavalier manner in which his Receptionists handled the situation didn't help too.

Perhaps he was once a good doc, or perhaps he is good w stitching, as online forums seem to suggest. But when it comes to pcos, pls don't go to him.

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Re: Urgently looking for a gynae who can treat PCOS

Post by prieya » Thu, 31 Aug 2017 9:46 pm

hi , Can anyone suggest any good sub fertility doc for PCOS? As we have been trying to conceive since last year but unable to do so.Earlier i was getting treatment from home country but as we moved here last yr i thought of continuing my treatment here in singapore .
In july i had taken an appointment in NUH but the doc was least interested in listening to my problems or even checking out my previous medical reports and medicines which i was following. It seemed she was in hurry and just kept on saying i should lose more weight and come or she wont treat me. In last 1.5 yr i have already lost 10+ kgs and she dint even bother.

I would really appreciate if anyone can recommend good doc who has patience to listen and treat accordingly.

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Re: Urgently looking for a gynae who can treat PCOS

Post by sweta.260888 » Fri, 07 Dec 2018 5:19 pm

Hi, I have been getting treatment with Dr Charles Lim in Mount E for 8 months now, I still see no improvement in terms of my periods getting normal or anything. Every time I go, I feel that doctor has no concern about me and is just forcing me toward IUI an IVF. I have spent so much money on PLAN A and various tests and all. He does not give a proper explanation to anything. I am planning to change doctor, any recommendations?

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