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Leaving Singapore >> Where Next

Post by Tyrellian » Sat, 21 Mar 2009 2:41 pm

Hi guys,

I'm a single Eurasian (Sri Lankan/Caucasian) 27 year old guy that's been working in Singapore for about three years. I've had a great time here but am getting kind of tired of the slightly superficial relationships I'm getting in to here (both dating and friendship). Maybe it's just me but most of the guys I hang out with are either workaholics or interested in just sleeping with as many bimbos as they can, and the girls I've met are all too frequently either dull or extremely conservative. I know I'm making generalities but it's something I'm running in to way too frequently.

Am thinking about making a move and am wondering if the community has any advice as to good places for a single guy to go around Asia where I can find a more bustling/exciting nightlife, make more enduring friendships (guys and girls (dating or otherwise)) and generally have more fun? The cities I was thinking about were North Asia (Shanghai, Tokyo, Kobe, Hong Kong) or SE (Bangkok, Hanoi, Manila, Jakarta).

To pre-empt the inevitable witticisms, I'm not looking for "paid" dates here, but genuinely fun girls to hang out with and great guys to do more than just drink with (travel, intellectual conversations, etc.)!

I know Singapore consistently gets rated top notch for being the best city for expats but I'm not sure if that's for single, younger people as well (vs. families).

Anyways, thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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Post by pakjohn » Sun, 22 Mar 2009 9:00 am

I don't mean this as an insult, but there's a good chance your issues with relationships are going to follow you where ever you go.

Whey don't you stay here and look for an older crowd... It could be that your maturity level doesn't match your peers.

Wouldn't recommend Jakarta, the people are very nice but the traffic is so bad having a personal life after 5 p.m. is extremely frustrating. Just getting home from work is extremely frustrating. lol!

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