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Post by stiwi » Tue, 31 Jan 2012 11:40 am

It is true, that's expensive as hell. In Europe I used to pay $20 for the irrigation syringe treatment. Problem is that people here on Singaporeexpats rarely mention about the prices like that wouldn't matter much. Either they clearly don't want to admit how much they (over)paid for this kind of treatment or there are some other reasons behind it.

And when you call a private clinic here you never get the correct final price. It is between $100-200 for consultation plus treatment. To be honest I didn't expect to pay more than $120 for this (all in all how much could the syringe 5-10mins treatment cost, I thought?). That's why I am surprised and thought it is worth to mention about the fees... I would be very upset if I would have to pay $428 from my own pocket for just ear wax removal.

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