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Calling cards with more talk time to Europe

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Calling cards with more talk time to Europe

Postby yankee_ibanez » Thu, 26 Feb 2009 12:27 am

Hello All,
I speak to my girl friend in Spain using a calling a calling card. The one i m using now is called "sunshine". Its very good if one calls the landline in europe.. the talktime i get is 5 hrs..

But problem is if i call using card to a cell phone then talk time i get is just 20 mins. Does anyone know of a good calling card for calling on cell phone to europe? Or is there any other way i can use to get more talk time?
Thanks for any information..

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Postby Splatted » Sun, 14 Mar 2010 10:36 pm

forget calling cards.

Chat over net.. it's free... eg, skype, windows live, yahoo chat

Though, if you must call someone on their mobile.. perhaps look into call-back services. A friend of mine used it to call me from Japan via USA for next to nothing..

EDIT: ... actually, I'll eat my words... some of the calling cards have pretty decent rates.

You might however consider looking into your own mobile plan. I know my mother-in-law gets $50 worth of international calls as a bonus every month as a part of her phone plan... perhaps look around and check out the different plans.

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