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Anyone know how to travel from Singapore to Johor?

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Postby Strong Eagle » Wed, 13 May 2009 12:50 pm

jpatokal wrote:
bigfilsing wrote:Sorry but i disagree ( wouldnl;t you know it 8-) ) Been a few years back now but i used to wake board from Pongol marina. Loads of waves , Ok not "perfect storm" waves but enough to make a 1.1 click swim tough. and theres the stinging jelly fish and don;t forget the Water Police patrols that even in my day were very regular to say the least. These would undoubtidly have been stepped up during the hunt. If he did indeed swim he was very brave and extremely lucky to have made it.

I wouldn't like to try that unassisted either, but if you've got something to hang onto and keep you floating, it should be survivable. This method is often used by illegal immigrants coming to Singapore, which is what the patrols are looking for, not people heading the other way. One typical case in 2005:

Yes... I believe that last Saturday's Happy Times had an article that quoted 216 people caught trying to swim onshore last year.

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