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Advice - Singapore, Finance, Employment

Post by tom_cr24 » Thu, 05 Feb 2009 7:47 am

Hi there,

Sorry in advance for the long winded post but I have a few questions which I hope you could offer your advice/opinions.

I am a 24 yr old currently working as an equity dealer here in Ireland.

1. What is the current job market like in Singapore?

2. I understand the market is probably pretty slack and that Singapore has a very highly skilled & diverse workforce but do I realistically stand any chance of obtaining employment in the region?

(I have 1 year back office exp & 1 year front office exp, I would be aiming for a support role in financial services sector here.)

3. I would also be interested to know what would be the best way to approach job - hunting?

i.e try network through Irish/expat groups/networks in the region?

Or go directly through recruitment agencies? Would they disregard international applicants with my age profile?

Many thanks in advance.

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Post by jesse.armand » Thu, 12 Feb 2009 1:13 am

I'm also 24, though I'm not familiar with financial industry.

But, I would say networking through your Irish expats or directly applying to the employers that you are interested in, is probably the best way.

Recruitment agencies could help you with some things, but they tend to be tricky. Because their purpose is to get money by recruiting you. When they already got what they want, they will leave you in the dirt (Sorry for being sarcastic).

Singapore has a very high skilled workforce.. hmm.. maybe in your area :-). I don't know.

But, I would say there are other countries which are a lot more competitive than Singapore.

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