Singapore PR paying much more for HDB upgrading??

Relocating, travelling or planning to make Singapore home? Discuss the criterias, passes or visa that is required.
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I've been a PR for 3 years now. I arrived on a EP, then applied for PR 6 months later and got it. It was the height of the immigration push (2006) and I guess it was an easy time to get it.

Both my spouse and myself are PR...we choose to have our teenage son on student pass. I was actually wanting my son to do NS - what a great experience and it would certainly look interesting on his resume in the future, but the wife would have not of that.

Being a PR has really no downsides, only upsides my view. When I learned that an EP holder has only 2 weeks to leave once you loose your position, I was not comfortable being tied to my employer like that and at that time the division of my company was not doing well and a bunch of people were laid off - I managed to dodge the bullet but that convinced me that I needed the security of a PR. I also have decided that I want to make Singapore "My Island Home" long term and also have plans to start my own business in the future.

Even without those considerations, payment into CPF is a good deal - given what is going on in the market today, its a good place for security and the contributions from your employer is like free money. After three years, I have built up a significant sum that is pretty secure and I can draw on in the future.

Being a PR, Singaporeans do treat you differently. Yes, you do get more respect and you they treat you more like one of them. From an emotional point of view, I do have a sense of permanence and belonging here.

I think the government is very progressive with this program. I feel gratitude for Singapore allowing me to stay and work here. There are not that many countries in the world that are as open and transparent in immigration policy as Singapore.

Do I think the government owes me anything for living here and paying taxes? Not really. After all, I'm not a citizen but a guest here. I can leave any time when things get tough. Its my choice, and I think its a good deal as long as I continue to add value to the nation. I'm just grateful for the opportunity and hospitality that Singapore has given me.

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