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anyone know the calories in singapore food

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anyone know the calories in singapore food

Postby rafbird » Mon, 02 Feb 2009 1:42 pm

Ive started to put on weight since arriving 6 months ago. Can any one suggest a book or website that has a reference to the calories in Singapore food?

I eat roti prata every weekday morning which ive just been told is 1200 cals for two pieces not including curry! arh no wonder im getting fatter!

Is there a weight watchers club or some thing like that any one can suggest?

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Postby BodyBlitz » Mon, 02 Feb 2009 3:34 pm

Roti prata is the worst breakfast - it has simple carbs and fried with ghee.

What you're doing is spiking your insulin then forcing your body to store the dietary fat as bodyfat.

Don't need to have a caloric book, just remember the golden rules.
When you eat carbs, choose complex unprocessed ones.
When you fat, avoid transfat like a plague.

But the biggest taboo is, when you eat carbs and fat do not go within the same meal. It is a recipe to get fat. - A new era of fitness.

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Postby durain » Mon, 02 Feb 2009 5:16 pm

omg! roti prata 5 times a week! if you want to lose weight, you really need to change your diet. eat more fruits and vegs, wholesome and fiber food and cut down on salt and sugar. not only you will lose weight but be more healthy too. look after your body, you know it make sense.

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Postby daggie » Mon, 02 Feb 2009 6:27 pm

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