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Local school/international school/costs?

Interested to get your child into a local Primary School? Discuss the opportunities here.
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aussie mum
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Local school/international school/costs?

Post by aussie mum » Fri, 30 Jan 2009 9:30 pm

Hi I'm new here. My husband is looking at taking a job in Singapore and we are at the very early stages at looking at the the dynamics of alll of this.

My main concern is schooling for my two sons ages 5 and 12 (entering yr1 and yr8 in Australia). The company is not paying for education so the factor of cost is an issue.

My 12 year old is not highly accademic but obviously him and my other son getting a solid education is a priority. I am not interested in them going to a highly competitive accademic school as I think my 12 yr old would really struggle. I just want them to go to a good school where they will fit in and get a good education.

We are looking at staying in Singapore for a year or two and don't want to return to Australia after this with them having gaps in their education.

How do local schools compare to International Schools? Hard hrd is it to enroll? What fees would we be looking at?

As I said we are at the very early stages at planning this and would be looking at moving about mid year.

I have read some of the other posts and will look at other sights but would appreciate if anyone could give me any details to help get me started.


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Post by boffenl » Fri, 06 Feb 2009 4:50 pm

Local schools are $14 a month. Not sure if International Schools will be raising tuition with the loss of so many students this year or not.

I'm not sure how your son would enter school at 12. It might be good to just send an e-mail to the Ministry of Education and ask.

Another alternative is to homeschool him (with the youngest in a K2 program) since there is a pretty large homeschooling population here. There are some great afterschool programs he could get involved with to help find friends.

Good luck!

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