Living Costs and standards

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Living Costs and standards

Post by simonmobiledisco » Thu, 29 Jan 2009 3:21 am

I am continuing to use the search whilst posting this, but I need to make a decision on moving in <24 hours.

On $80K what kind of life can I afford.

In london i lived very central, could walk to the city (I don't mind making a concession on this if because of the good news i hear about the MRT), ate very well (heathily and lots of fresh meat and protien). I am into health and fitnes so had a good private gym (condo gyms i magine will not sufice). I also went clubbing and had a good party scene keeping me entertained.

I also need to start saving some cash and will have to support my girlfriend in a few months when she comes over. She is a student looking to do an internship

I am also keen to travel to local areas. however I am concerened it's not as cheap as first though, but maybe i'm looking at the wrong sites.

Not sure if a i need a separate post for this, but is rugby feasible in singapores climate?

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You'll be fine

Post by VanofVA » Thu, 29 Jan 2009 7:12 am


I left Singapore in June back to the US but am now looking at returning in March.

80K is about $7K per month. You can easily find a condo near the city for 2K and you'll have plent left for your other needs. taxis and MRT are very cheap. You can find good food at great prices at any hawker center (they are everywhere). The best thing about Singapore is the proximity and relatively cheap fares to lots of great destinations. Take advantage while you can. There are a couple of rugby clubs in town. You'll find them easily when you get here. Just ask around at one of the Irish bars (Muddy Murphy's, Molly malones). It's a great experience. Enjoy

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