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Exit Permit Matters

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Exit Permit Matters

Postby mayasg » Fri, 16 Jan 2009 12:02 pm

I have left Singapore for a couple of years recently i remembered that i have forgotten that i need to renew my exit permit thus i wrote to NS portal on my exit permit matters. They wrote back to warn me that i must go back to Singapore to resolve my outstanding matters and asked me to advise them on my flight so that there won't be any embarrassment at the custom. They mentioned that i have been without a permit since 2005 but it was not possible as then i did apply and a lady also wrote an email to notify me. Back then the email was but now it is thus i am very confused. They warn me the result will be jail term of not more than 3years and a fine not more than 10K. To be honest i have failed in my business while i was in Singapore and have no home and now barely surving on a mere income, where in the world will i have 10K to pay the fine and i guess if i don't then jail term will be waiting for me. What should i do? Please can anyone be kind enough to advise me on this matter.
Help Required~~~~

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Give us some more information to assist you please

Postby PHK » Fri, 23 Jan 2009 11:01 am

Tell us:

1. Your current age, your posting details seem beyond being just a teenager age

2. Are your parents still Singaporean, and if so, will they also be renouncing Singapore Citizenship

3. The country that you will be adopting, how long will it take from now for you to become its citizen, etc.

4. At what age did you leave Singapore and where were you born

Mind you that none of us are attorney's and none of this is legal advice. We will do what we can to assist you...

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