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Advise needed on getting a EP/PEP

Posted: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 7:35 pm
by krishna_pal
All- I currently work for a telecom software company based in UK handling the professional services business in the ASPAC region. Right now I am based in India having an Indian passport. Due to the nature of my job I need to travel significantly and spend lot of time at client locations all across ASPAC. Travelling from India is not easy. So am planning to relocate to Singapore as a possible option.

I went to the MOM website of Singapore and checked the criteria for applying for a EP/PEP. I meet all the criteria in terms of salary( >7000 SGD), professional qualifications ( MS-CS) and work-experience of around 17 years in US, Europe and ASPAC.

But my company is not registered in Singapore. So am not sure if my company in UK can file a EP application with MOM in SG. The other option was to apply for a PEP. But even if I got the PEP approved I would be still working for a UK-based company located out of Singapore. I am not sure whether my application would be approved. Because for a PEP in the application form one needs to provide details of the local company and the details mentioned below:

1. Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Registration No
2. Registry of Societies Registration No
3. International Enterprise Singapore Representative Office Registration No

I am thinking that if my company were to setup an office in Singapore we would automatically get all the above. So it would become easy for me to apply for a PEP. But till then is there a way possible to get PEP. I am very keen to follow the legal processes.

So need some advise/ guidance on how to resolve the above. My company can confirm my employment, salary, experience etc.