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Worthwhile to move from Dubai to Singapore at 7500SGD

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Post by SunnyinDubai » Thu, 08 Jan 2009 6:36 am

Bakulii wrote:Sorry if I sounded rude in my last post, no intention of doing so.

Dubai/UAE relies very little on Oil & Gas revenues and is largely a trading hub, hence they will definitely be affected by the downturn as bad as, if not worst than, Singapore.
It is correct that Dubai does not have a lot of oil to rely on and hence its drive to encourage other sources of revenue - eg tourism, finance, etc. Things are slowing down in Dubai, people are being made redundant, projects put on hold indefinitely, etc so they are being affected by what is happening in the world - they have just not publicised this as much but if you read what is happening there and in the papers there, they are beginning to realise that they are affected. They also rely very heavily on tourism and people around the world are not travelling as much as they tighthen their belts and that will defintely affect Dubai's economy.

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