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Piccolo Needed!!!

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Piccolo Needed!!!

Postby Echo54_7 » Mon, 27 Sep 2004 9:34 pm

<b>Please take a moment to read... If you know ANYTHING about the piccolo...</b>

I've been at the piano for years since I was young, stopped playing around 3-4 years ago though and my piano is just sitting in the corner... I tried playing it again, but not only did I forget my favourite piece I've became a bit 'rusty'... And hey, I figured out I'm not as interested in piano anymore... So instead, I'm really into the piccolo... If anybody can reccomend me a teacher (if there is ever 1) and any piccolo priced below 1k... Please, inform me... thank you!

If you've got any lead on piccolo (or even if you're not a teacher or can't reccomend me any good piccolos but u'r a player yourself, and can provide me with some tips) please kindly e-mail me at; or you can talk 2 me at MSN at This is just if you really got a big info, just sms me at 98115233... Thanks a bunch!

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