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Help with Frizzy Hair....

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Help with Frizzy Hair....

Postby fritzy » Wed, 19 Nov 2008 10:04 pm


I was wondering how those of you with frizzy hair tame your locks? I have tried a number of products but nothing really works and I am sick of wearing my hair back all the time.

I rang one salon today that gave me a quote for $500 to do this protein treatment that will straighten my hair for about 4 months. Not only is it super expensive but I would need to get it done regularly. I believe re-bonding is cheaper, but I’m worried that it will damage my hair (its already damaged enough from coloring and straightening irons).


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Postby astrogirl » Thu, 20 Nov 2008 6:39 pm

If you are asking about styling products, there's one I use for my naturally curly, fine hair which is frizzy all the time in Singapore. It's the humidity.
Loreal Studio Smooth Perfect Instant Control Fluid - You can find it at Watsons, Cold storage, supermarkets and Guardian Pharmacy, selling about S$10+. I apply it after shampoo while hair is still damp and let it air dry. It does not make the hair crunchy like most other products.

All salons charge by hair length with hair relaxing and straightening. If you have long hair, say past mid arm. I would not be surprise if they quote you $300 or more.

I'm not sure about the protein treatment straightening you are talking about.

I have done this hair relaxing treatment that protects the hair at the same time at Shunji Matsuo salon at Wellington Bldg, they call it Cosmic cream or something like that, I forget now. I've only done it for my fringe and it cost about S$100+. Last me about 3-4 months and it's very soft and shiny, not dead straight like rebonding, I've not experience damage or split ends from this treatment.

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