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buying clothes before you arrive in SG

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Post by cbavasi » Tue, 18 Nov 2008 8:37 pm

road.not.taken wrote:
cbavasi wrote:underwear for sure!! also stock up on tampons, deodorant, hair care products that you are used to in the US - loreal seems to corner the market here. anything you might get at sephora you might want to think about getting as well :)
Sephora is coming to Takashimaya cbavasi! :wink:
whoo hoo!!!! i swear when they open an H&M and a whole foods i'll be digging my heels in for sure! :)

stacey - don't worry - singapore is very much like NYC in that you can be as noticed or as anonymous as you like. my (single) girlfriend from LA recently did a project here for a month and she told me she's never seen people so concerned with handbags in the workplace - but less concerned with hers - as with their own. i think they just sort of shrugged her off b/c she was a foreigner. you'll find interesting things (clothing-wise) here - i'm amazed at the new places i find just taking a new turn on the street.
the only thing i have to say that finally has bothered me after so long in this climate is not changing my closet around for the seasons. i swear sometimes i look at the same tank top and want to scream! :shock:

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Re: buying clothes before you arrive in SG

Post by Hithnar » Sat, 22 Nov 2008 1:25 am

stacey wrote:so i hear shopping is a big past time there, yet the quality of shopping for clothing, especially either american/european styles and sizes is not particularly good... does this mean I just go seriously shopping for a new (both work and leisure) wardrobe before heading over?

will i definitely save on money and hassle and time... i'm more concerned about the work clothes, outside of work I can wear whatever as I am not one to care for looks nor showing off, but at work you have to look the way you have to look...
This is actually a tricky one. I came here with a suitcase full of professional clothing - from my black jacket, stack of elegant blouses, through stockings and shoes that don't show heal or toes. During my work interview I was specifically told that the company has a dress code, and everyone is supposed to look like they are going to meet the client.

And how does this look in fact: women wearing stripe sandals to work with fuchsia nail polish, huge plastic necklaces, or even so much as a jeans with a tight tee-shirt. Wearing a pair of normal trousers, tee and a fancy scarf is just enough to take you from daily normal to elegant :P And yes, the telephone is the center accessory - girls have them glittery with crystals and pink stuff, guys go for the impressive functionality :P

I don't know what are your standards of looking "professional" but most likely, you will feel overdressed. The same story goes for my husband, who came here with his own stack of suits and ties, and now goes to work in a polo shirt, bermudas and sandals, because in anything more elegant he looks more sophisticated than the boss :roll:

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Post by stacey » Sat, 22 Nov 2008 1:33 am

funny and scary...

sounds true... I had a video-conference interview once on a friday, so I thought maybe they had casual fridays over there, but it's true they all looked like they had one foot on the beach already... so I guess that's how they look all the time... can't be that bad... but having to be careful not to overdress the boss that just trying to look slightly formal seems to be a drag, but i guess like they say, when in rome... it must be the hot weather!

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Post by Lily Pad » Sat, 22 Nov 2008 7:27 am

It really depends on your job. Although this is a generalisation most executive professionals tend to still dress up although no stockings whislt admin staff tend to wear have a more casual dress.

In regards to shopping, I would buy all your clothing, especially staple wardrobe pieces, before you come. Do agree with pp the styles available are not my taste so when I go back home I buy.

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