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Why were my posts deleted?

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Why were my posts deleted?

Postby hermanchauw » Sun, 09 Nov 2008 10:13 am

I posted a few threads:
A) One inviting people to come to my kettlebell session.
B) One about Yoga, posted a few times.
C) One announcing the first CST Instructor in Singapore.

Why were they deleted? Advertising? No, i am educating.

A) Are you biased against kettlebell/kettlebell lifters? Why other people can post events/meet ups for other sports/activities?

B) This is not advertising. This is pure education. Do you mean that by posting a link to the book i am advertising? How ridiculous. The only way to get the full info is to get the book. DUH! Rather than rant on and on, isn't it better for people to get the book and read it for themselves?

C) How come people can recommend other people in the forum. If there is nobody to recommend but myself, why can't i? Like CST Instructor. If this is the case, can i get other forum members to recommend me?

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Postby sundaymorningstaple » Sun, 09 Nov 2008 3:06 pm

You were probably deleted because, from looking at your posts, it would seem you are "educating" only to draw eyeballs to your blog.

Additionally, you do not seem to read the stickies as you are now in violation of Forum policy regarding hyperlinks in your signature. (you are limited to a single line of text or a single hyperlink). Therefore, you have and are continuously trying to circumvent the spirit of our policies here. Read this sticky.....

The key here is:

Borderline or first-time cases will be edited with a warning, repeat or blatant offenders will have the offending posts unceremoniously deleted. I'd also like to underline that the moderators will enforce the spirit of these rules, not the letter, so creative ways to circumvent them will be stomped on.

Keep any and all signatures limited to one line or one icon, no blatant selling allowed.


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