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Excellent customer service

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Excellent customer service

Postby hertfordshire_lad » Mon, 03 Nov 2008 3:08 pm

I've just come off the phone to AXA Insurance and am delighted to say that the lady I was speaking to provided wonderful customer service. Like many expats, I am very quick to point out poor customer service, so thought it would only be fair to recognise this experience!

After calling up out of general interest in taking an insurance policy, she took time to go through the various options in a very clear speaking voice. I didn’t have to ask for repetition and she understood me clearly every time (with my British accent it is often a problem!). She guided me through the website in a patient manner, making sure that she knew exactly what screen I had in front of me. She even worked hard to build rapport over the phone.

She didn’t pressure me into buying anything, but was incredibly thorough in going through the details of exactly what I would and wouldn’t be covered for under each policy. Basically, she tried to understand my needs and advise me on the most suitable product.

So many people who work in customer facing create this rushed feeling. This time was different - I felt that she was in no hurry to get me off the phone and did not speak with slang or at 100 miles an hour! I was so surprised with the clarity of her voice that I had to ask if she was from Singapore and, refreshingly, she said yes.

A very positive experience!

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