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Japan travel tips needed for pregnant mum

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Japan travel tips needed for pregnant mum

Post by pumpkinseed » Fri, 24 Oct 2008 5:27 pm

Looking at going to Tokyo for a week in Nov/Dec for a relaxing holiday.
Am 5 months preggers so nothing too strenuous.
Googled about activities I can do or sights I can see but am completely overwhelmed by all the info out there.

Someone recommended Kyoto instead. Any opinions?

I want to travel one last time before the bub gets here and I turn into a panda-eyed wreck.


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Post by sammymck » Sat, 25 Oct 2008 2:08 pm

Hi there,

There is SO much to do in Tokyo. You could spend 1 week just shopping! Or the whole week just sight-seeing!

Harajuku is fun for shopping and watching the locals in their funky outfits and stuff.

Shinjuku is mental, the shopping, the lights, it gets very busy at peak our time, so avoid the station and shops around the station. I think 2 million people pass through Shinjuku Station every DAY!

Shibuya is more laid back than Shinjuku. Many scenes from the movie 'Lost in Translation' are filmed around Shibuya. Lots of young and boutique like shops here.

I've never been to Kyoto but I've heard it's lovely. Lots of temples and quirky streets etc. You could do both. Kyoto is only 2 hours on the bullet train from Tokyo!

Osaka is great too. Lots of sights and a little cheaper than Tokyo. The aquarium is excellent.

Hope this helps with your decision.

I just had a baby girl, 3 months ago and motherhood is really enjoyable in Singapore. Lots of baby groups, shops, support groups etc.

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Post by MattV » Mon, 27 Oct 2008 6:47 pm

I've lived in Tokyo 4 years and have some recommendations. I don't know how limited you are when you are 5 months pregnant........ but here are the recommendations anyway.

If you like Temples and breath taking scenary, try to make it Kyoto. I've never been, but people tell me it is fantastic. If you don't think you will ever come back to Japan, make sure to see Kyoto. I know I mentioned I haven't been, but I can say with 100 certainty that I will go before I leave Japan.

On Sunday.....goto Harajuku. There is a small street there that you can't miss. All the latest teen fashions, after hitting that street, walk over the bridge where there is all kinds of kids doing cos-play, and make your way to either the Temple (Meiji Jingu Mai) if you aren't tired of temples. Then make your way over to Yoyogi park and stroll around. You don't need to go into the park too far, maybe up to the small pond. THen go left and make you way to the street. Walk back to the station. Along this street there are many many many local Japanese bands playing.
The above recommendation is my favorite part of Tokyo.

After that, Shibulya is neat for again, more fashion, shopping, and people watching. Get a drink on the second floor Starbucks over looking the crazy crossway, and people watch. Walk around a little behind the Starbucks and check out the shops.

The Imperial Palace is somewhat amazing...... do this on a day when you are tired of seeing people.

shiji fish market. You have to go really early in the morning. Check out the tuna auction if you can. Only if seeing a massive fish market where sushi comes from interests you.

If you have a guide, check out a smaller old school area of Tokyo, west of Shinjuku is good for that. Koenji, Ogikabu, Nishi Ogikabu are three I recommend. So is Shimokitazawa.

Online look fot the metropolis Tokyo Magazine. There may be an band or famous singer in town you might want to see. If you like art gallerys Tokyo has tons. I think there is a huge Picasso showing going on then.

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