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Revision Rhinoplasty (Closed/open and etc)

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Revision Rhinoplasty (Closed/open and etc)

Post by meili_wudi » Sun, 19 Oct 2008 6:18 pm

Hi everyone.

About more than one month ago, i had a simple simple nasal silicone implant insertion. Sad to say, the surgery did not improve my looks and my nose actually looks worse than before.

I have myself to blame for my hasty decision and would advise those who are contemplating plastic surgery to do more research and consulations before making any big decisions.

I had the typical snub nose, fleshy bublbous tip, medium nostrils with a low bridge. The implant now accentuates my bulbous tip now hence my decision to go for a revision rhinoplasty, this time making sure my nasal tip gets good refinement.

I've consulted Dr Pat from Tokai clinic, his replies to my emails were fast but hasty if i would say. He didnt explain in details how he would go about the tip plasty which was a great disppointment. His prices are not expensive though. So, i don't think i'll take tokai into consideration.

I've done a search at this forum but it seems like not much have experience with bangkok doctors who do tip refinement ya?
I've also emailed , but no response for quite few days.

I'm now considering Dr Park from Ozclinic. His website is here

I sent in my photos and his answers are straight to the point and also he explains rather in details. He advised open rhinosplasty so he can shape my tip, with silicone and (tip) ear cartilage graft. For 3000000KRW which is about 2500USD. But i'm actually kind of not keen on the silicone, yet to email him though. He actually advised me to do it 6 months after my primary surgery but he could do it even now if i can't wait.

I do hope any forumers to share any other good nose jobs doctors in korea/taiwan/bangkok who does revision rhinoplasty and specialize in tip refinement. I'm planning it on late november/early december.
to a beautiful me~

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Post by cersepn » Sun, 19 Oct 2008 10:51 pm

Sorry to hear about your situation. Hmmm IIRC, you did with nara?
I'm personally not in favour of silicon but the price is much cheaper than autologous no doubt.

If you do have the money, like 4k+ SGD, consider Dr Jung.. his website is and his work is impressive, he only does autologous. I might be wrong, but almost all the korea PS sites i've been to all employ very good rhino techniques, with cartilage graft being standard fare.
Tells you alot about the standard of SG docs when a certain wafflez claims carti graft is an advanced technique and blablablab, but that's for another time

For taiwan doctors, check out the first page of the tw ps thread and see the results of the patients in the respective pages. The thing about nose is that almost all the doctors have a different 'style' of nose, so you really have to see whether you like their 'style'

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Revision Rhinoplasty (Closed/open and etc)

Post by roxy88 » Thu, 20 Nov 2008 9:30 am

I'm going to Thailand as soon as I can find a buddy to go with.
I'm going to Yanhee Hospital to get corrective rhinoplasty.

Definitely go with close rhinoplasty.
If you choose to go with open rhinoplasty, make sure you know exactly where they're making the incision.

I'm asian and had 3 rhinoplasty done in Australia.
My last surgery was done over 12 years ago and I'm dreading the thought of going under the knife again!
This is the first time I'm going overseas for the surgery.

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Need Corrective Rhinoplasty Surgery

Post by RedSox » Sat, 22 Nov 2008 12:41 am

I'm a caucasian male and had a nose job when I was 17 yrs old ( in 1977) that removed bone from the bridge and reduced my nostral size. The overall effect was a smaller, more feminine-looking nose. I was never really happy with the surgery, but until now I have just accepted it. Now, I'd like to have the bridge raised and perhaps have my nostrals openings increased. In effect, I want something more like my old nose.

Who in Asia is best for this type of surgery and what is the most likely procedure that would be employed ( bone graft or something synthetic inserted ) to raise up the bridge of my nose and give me a more masculine appearing nose? What are some ranges of costs I might expect to pay for this kind of surgery? Many, many thanks for all suggestions.

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Post by asin » Tue, 02 Dec 2008 10:02 am

i too had rhinoplasty with an implant inserted and feel that it made me look worse, although i had alar reduction and tip work done along with it. the alaplasty did make my nose look better from the front, but overall the implant gave me a "stick in the face" look. maybe the implant is too big.

i got my nose done in the US but i've heard good things about dr chuang at the wish clinic and considered going there.

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