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Freelance work options (weekends/ad hoc/home-based)

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Freelance work options (weekends/ad hoc/home-based)

Postby asiandivergal » Sat, 25 Sep 2004 3:06 am

Hi there, need some advice from u kind folks out there! :)

I'm actually based in Malaysia and have my own little travel biz there (with some other partners). One month ago, my father fell ill, and was diagnosed with cancer. I flew back to Singapore to take care of my dad, and had to leave behind the biz opportunities over there temporarily.

Due to my father's sudden illness, I am considering doing some freelance work to set aside some cold hard cash. Quite a bit of my savings have been tied up in new travel projects which are still ongoing (and high capital-intensive).

I am rather busy on weekdays taking care of my father, but I do have a few hours to spare everyday for some home-based work (e.g. data-entry, freelance writing assignments, typing assignments etc). I'm also available on weekends as my sis and mom takes over then, and I can provide services for babysitting, dog/cat sitting (I LOVE cats, have 4 of my own over in Malaysia), running errands, surveys, teaching English and French etc.

I used to be a public relations consultant (left the corporate field to save my sanity) and have formal training in that field, so could probably do some freelance writing or PR consulting. Also selling secondhand books on Yahoo Auctions (have posted an earlier thread), so if anyone is looking to purchase secondhand books, pls do support! :)

Sorry, that was a little off-topic ;P

Anyway, it seems to be tough to find proper, authentic freelance work - there's just too much MLM, network marketing, affiliate marketing or those get-rich-overnight schemes in the market. I know that there are lots of expat wives here who do freelance work here, does anyone have any tips or advice to get the contacts?

Many thanks, and any other ideas are welcome!

Part time

Postby Part time » Sun, 20 Feb 2005 7:52 pm


I am sincere in offering you a part time job. care to leave me your e-mail and i contact you shortly.



Postby Bryann » Thu, 24 Feb 2005 3:16 pm

hmmm so u r nt interested at any MLM at all...wat abt doing survey?if u r interested can mail mi @

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